II. 12-30-04 Piranha vs Koi Fish
Downloaded a couple of videos of some piranha owner putting a Koi fish into his tank to feed his little hungry fishies. It's pretty crazy to watch the piranhas tag team the thing, messing with its tail to limit mobility, and then gang-eating it in a corner. Video clip 1 and 2. If those two links don't work, there are mirrors in the OP of this thread.

I. 12-30-04 Wtf
Via test-tube embryos, a 55-year-old has given birth to triplets for her daughter.

I. 12-27-04 SCORE!!!
I got a Real Madrid Jersey (front, back) from Spain, awesome!!! And a life-sized poster of Ronaldo, omgwtfcrazy!?!? Carried across the Atlantic Ocean by Hong-An Vu, our very own global gallivanting explorer and bearer of small teacups.

I. 12-26-04 Shake it Baby part 2
edit: Death count now 135K+.
Ok, when I first read about that earthquake story, it was 8.5 magnitude, and the death count was 500. Now it's 9.0, and 11K+ dead, omfg. Yes, the world is going crazy. Just a couple days ago the "biggest" earthquake in decades happened between Antarctica and Australia (magnitude 8.1).  Only So far, it looks like most of the devastation has been caused by tsunamis. I was watching CNN before I went to bed last night, and someone from the region that survived was on the phone with them, and said that contrary to popular (movie) belief, the tsunami wasn't a giant ass wave. Rather, he compared it to an empty bathtub filling up at an insane rate, and the force of the water smashed aside 400kg weight machines in fitness rooms. Yeah, if I was looking at the ocean, and the tide level started rising like crazy, I think I'd be pretty freaked out too. Some bodies probably will never be found and some people may never be reported missing because everyone who knew they existed is also dead (remember, this is where a lot of people live in simple huts and fish all day). From slashdot forum (some more good posts in there, too): "CNN interrupted the breaking story this morning to talk about delayed holiday flights and how unfortunate those who were late for Christmas were. Kinda puts things in perspective, doesn't it?"
Also: tsunamis are not "tidal." A tidal wave is a cyclical wave caused by things like the gravitational pull of the moon. An irregular wave such as a tsunami is therefore not tidal.
Anybody think the US has spare troops to pull out of Iraq to help out over there? I bet they'd rather be helping tsunami victims than running from insurgent bullets, heh. Looks like msnbc might need to update their 2004 video slideshow (link above ^).

III. 12-25-04 The Ten Commandments
Saw this on a fark thread. Quite insightful, eh? I think it's an appropriate satire for the times we live in. I'm gonna type it out, just because it's worth copy pasting later:
1)Thou shalt have no tolerance for others
2)Thou shalt ignore the dinosaurs
3)Thou shalt not insult the Lord thy God by having an open mind
4)Thou shalt not have fun
5)Thou shalt find offense in nudity and sex
6)Thou shalt impose thy will and beliefs unto others
7)Thou shalt not commit adultery (hookers in motels don't count)
8)Thou shalt not murder (except when commanded by the Lord thy God)
9)Thou shalt blame the Jews, homosexuals, and abortionists for everything
10)The Bible is the true word of the Lord because the Bible says it is

II. 12-25-04 Shake it Baby
Btw, the biggest earthquake to hit the PLANET in almost 40 years just happened today. Tsunamis have hit Sri Lanka and Thailand. All I know about Sri Lanka is that its capital is Colombo (learned from geography class in hs), and Banana Republic clothing is made there. Random thought.

I. 12-25-04 Penguins are Great
Happy Jesus Day everyone. What better way to celebrate it than with gay penguins?

I. 12-23-04 Closer
The best movie I've seen this year, hands down. Probably my number 2 overall, chasing behind the heels of Fight Club. The dialogue is everything. Maybe I liked the movie so much because I was just awed at the severity of verbal napalm that people could unleash upon each other. It's all about truth, lies, love (but not really), hypocrisy, and sex. Watch it with liberal-minded people, and definitely not with your parents. It's meant for an adult audience, and treats you like one. The director spares nothing with his characters, and the language leaves nothing to the imagination, even by today's rated R standards. The movie is so immersive that even Natalie Portman walking around in a stripper's outfit couldn't draw my attention away from the crispness of the dialogue. Yes, I know that usually I don't pay particular attention to even fully naked women in movies, but Natalie Portman would probably be one of the few exceptions. The movie is that good. Creepily good. If anything, it's deep, which is more than I can say for almost every other movie I've seen. GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

I. 12-21-04 Tahoe
I am in love with snow. Was my second time trying out snow blades, and they ROCK. Next objective is to splash out bucketloads of money for boots, snow blades, new gloves, and proceed to go to resorts asap so I can master going down black diamonds at speed. Pictures of trip here. Last year's Tahoe trip is still online here.

I. 12-16-04 More Jolly Friends
"Check it out, I've got this cool protective vest, I'm gonna put it on and you shoot me okay?" Quite possibly even more genius and deserving of a Darwin award than jumping off a roof and suplexing your friend.
Alexander Joseph Swandic, 20, died of a gunshot wound to the heart Monday after donning a protective vest and asking David John Hueth, 30, to shoot him, police said.

III. 12-14-04 Wait, there's more today!!!
If that "Aicha" video didn't satiate your need to see stupid shit caught on film, this clip of a couple of geniuses doing what they do best surely will. I love how the cameraman is like "What's wrong?" ahahahah, hmm, I can think of at least TWO things that went wrong, rofl.

II. 12-14-04 Behold the Power of Google
Holy asdflkjaw;lesldfjshit!!!! Google is insane! In a good way, of course.
...the complete text of all 7 million volumes in U-M's library will be digitized -- that is, turned into a computer-readable format -- and made instantly searchable by anyone using Google. Billion dollar project, holy crap. Human technological progress in action.

I. 12-14-04 Aicha
OOOOOOOOMFG. It's been so long since I've seen a video that made me laugh out loud (besides my own sandwich consumption one, of course). Fortunately, this one came to save the day. A must download/save!!!

II. 12-13-04 Half-Life 2
Well, finished it around the 15-hour mark. Could probably push that a couple more hours due to dying/reloading times, taking the gameplay time about the same as X-Men Legends, haha. Anyways, the game itself is beautiful, with detailed levels bigger than anything I've ever seen, and the physics are just flat-out insane. Hard difficulty is about on par with Halo on Legendary difficulty, but HL2 manages to not be as repetitive. With Halo, you kind of find the gameplay somewhat repetitive, while H2 doesn't give the same impression, though I suspect that much of that is due to the psychotic amount of map ingenuity by the game creators. Seriously, the levels make this game awesome. The enemy AI isn't particularly genius (since many a time I threw a grenade in clear view and landed it at their feet, and they kinda just muttered some shit on their radios and took a few half-hearted steps away and then exploded), but it's more than adequate to make you run your ass into cover when you see them spread out to hit you from multiple angles. I guess it's not really fair to compare HL2 to Halo since Halo is running on older hardware, and can't possibly have levels with the amount of detail that HL2 does, but in terms of gameplay, I think HL2 is massively engaging. You simply just don't want to save and exit. You want to save, then play some more instead, and repeat until you realize you've skipped two meals and a night of sleep. I actually expected it to take longer, and was kind of surprised that there wasn't any part of the game where it takes more than a couple of minutes in terms of figuring out where to go or how to manipulate the environment to do so. The most trouble I had was probably with this one level where you defend yourself against a shitload of enemies that seem to never stop coming, or this one place where you have to run around a huge level looking for ammo to kill these bastard enemies that won't die conventionally. That, and the first vehicle you get took me some time to get used to. I guess I have more issues learning to drive with the WSAD buttons than I do with a clutch and gas pedal. Anyways, absolutely beautiful game, fantastic music, gameplay that hooks you and doesn't let go, enemies that are the perfect blend of creepy and hateful, colorful characters, and a story to match. I say 9.5/10, only because I haven't played a singleplayer game that's more fun than this one, and the .5 is left for...HL3?

I. 12-13-04 Leave it to the Japanese...
...to make a pillow shaped like a woman's waist in a miniskirt and a lap to rest your head on.

I. 12-12-04 More Reasons to Hate (this White House staff, of course)
Can I get some separation of church and state please? Guess not.
During the 2005 fiscal year, the federal government will spend $170-million to support programs that preach that sex is to be reserved for marriage only, and a number of the recipients of those dollars will be faith-based.
So rather than getting the tools they need to make sensible choices about their health and bodies, young people are being told outrageous lies, such as how 5 to 10 percent of women who have abortions will become sterile (when there's no correlation between elective abortions and sterility) or how condoms fail to prevent HIV transmission 31 percent of the time (when a study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that consistent condom use resulted in a zero transmission rate.)
In Louisiana, a state-sponsored Web site tells young people that withholding sex until marriage makes one "really, truly, "cool' in God's eyes." And in Florida, the Pinellas Pregnancy Center received more than $300,000 in 2003 and about $200,000 in 2004 in taxpayer money to spread an abstinence-only message in public school health classrooms.
Remember guys: the moral and upstanding religious marriage of the nation's president raised incredibly wholesome daughters. Hah.

II. 12-8-04 - Sweet!
A University of Pittsburgh professor has been researching the word "Dude."
An admitted dude-user during his college years, Scott Kiesling said the four-letter word has many uses: in greetings ("What's up, dude?"); as an exclamation ("Whoa, Dude!"); commiseration ("Dude, I'm so sorry."); to one-up someone ("That's so lame, dude."); as well as agreement, surprise and disgust ("Dude.").

I. 12-8-04 Improper Suicide
The only thing better than reading about a guy failing at suicide is reading about him trying it for the second time, failing again, and blowing up his house while doing so.
According to police reports, Morris also tried to kill himself Nov. 5 by carbon monoxide poisoning. He allegedly taped one end of a garden hose to his tailpipe and placed another in his passenger side window. However, after several hours the vehicle ran out of gas. He then tried to use a small propane tank, but that also ran out of gas. So technically it was his third attempt, ahahahha. Honestly, how hard is it to willingly die?

I. 12-7-04 Ultra Hot Dog
Forget that last post, I made an even crazier one today.
1 French Roll
1 Hotdog (I prefer Hebrew National)
Shredded cheese (cheddar, jack, whatever)
4 Chicken nuggets
Mustard (deli preferably)
Cholula hot sauce
Boil water. Preheat oven. Place chicken nuggets in oven. Five minutes later, put hot dog into water. Toast bread, spread mayo onto top layer of bun, sprinkle cheese over evenly. Lay chicken nuggets over cheese, remove hotdog from water, slice in half (the long way). Place over chicken nuggets. Add ketchup, mustard, cholula sauce evenly so you get a bit with every bite. It's sooooooooo good. Crunch of the chicken nuggets coupled with the spicy kick of cholula, the soft texture of the french roll, the hot dog flavor comes at you right after the chicken. Insane. Serve with Snapple peach iced tea. Looks like this.
Of course it doesn't top the ultimate manwich, but it won't cost more than an expensive filet mignon dinner and you can finish it in one sitting. And it's not 8500 calories like that monster, it's only about a thousand :D

I. 12-6-04 Super Hot Dog
I felt a little creative today, and invented a great hotdog recipe:
1 French Roll
1 Hotdog (I prefer Hebrew National)
Shredded cheese (cheddar, jack, whatever)
Beefaroni (substitute any Chef Boyardee canned food, it's all the same stuff in different shapes)
Mustard (deli preferably)
Cholula hot sauce
Cook the hot dog, toast the bun. Microwave Beefaroni. Layer onto one side of bun. Sprinkle cheese so an even amount covers the Beefaroni. Slice hotdog in half (the long way), put two halves over Beefaroni equally for maximum bun coverage. Add ketchup and mustard as desired, then sprinkle Cholula hot sauce around so you get some with every bite. Add second layer of Beefaroni if desired (not recommended unless you like it sloppy). Eat with Snapple peach iced tea.
Soooooo good. This is what it looks like. Yes, upon first glance, it looks nasty, but it tastes AWESOME.

I. 12-5-04 Rain+Tree+Idiot+S2K=Waste of a Good S2K
This may seem inappropriate coming from me, but it is a good day not to drive fast. Because 1)It's raining 2)This could happen.
The lucky bastard survived. Fell into a coma, broke his arm, woke up later not knowing what happened. Sigh, poor car.

I. 12-4-04 Bargain Hunting
Well, if you're on a budget with your Christmas gift buying this year, you could always try stealitback.com, where you can bid on police auctions. Make someone else's misfortune your gain! I'm personally thinking about this sweet 160-acre piece of land. How awesome would that be, a winter getaway at my GIANT RANCH IN CANADA. Snowball fights included.

I. 12-3-04 Full House, Karate Kid
Am I the only one who didn't know this show was still on? (abc family) I can't believe I used to watch this so much, it's soooooooo horrible.
it's a big part of being sports - being competitive. pretend you're mean and competitive so the other team will be afraid of you. "i like it better when you're nice." i promise not to be mean and scary ever again HAHA
And talk about blasts from the past...Karate Kid the Musical?!?! Riiiight, wax on, wax off. Some guys on the shuttle to admin were talking about it, and it turns out it's for real, omfg.

I. 12-2-04 I Hate School
Yeah. I really do. I might be saying this hastily, since finals aren't until next week. Nah, I definitely have hated it, do hate it, and will hate it later. I'm just writing about this now because in the next hour, I need to wrap up a 10 page essay about election outreach that I've been shitbagging all night. And then go to class. Evidently, I'd rather post about being a grumbling bitch than finish it. Sad day.

I. 11-30-04 Lava Lamp Turns Deadly
I suppose all lava lamps should now come with warning labels that say: "Do not place on heated stove, may explode, causing severe injury or death," since they may detonate and send glass shards flying fast enough to puncture your HEART.

I. 11-29-04 Woman, Paralyzed 20 years, walks after stem-cell treatment
Under TV lights and flashing cameras, Hwang stood up from her wheelchair and shuffled forward and back a few paces with the help of the frame at the press conference here on Thursday. "This is already a miracle for me," she said. "I never dreamed of getting to my feet again."

I. 11-28-04 More Vigilante Justice, Dolphin Followup, Idiot Ebay Buyer
A teenager who killed the neighbour who raped his mum spoke for the first time from prison last night and said: "I've no regrets." Good for him.
And sadly, some of those "Secret Service" dolphins from two posts ago may have been killed by poachers. Assholes.
Check out what's wrong with this ebay sale. Give up? Well, a Walmart/SamsClub gift card for $125 sold for $127.51 to someone named nascarfan. Retard.

II. 11-23-04 Vigilante Justice, Gay Rape, Grouphug, Family Circus
-When four guys show up, rob you, threaten to rape your teenage daughters, and then shoot at you as they try to make their getaway, there is only one option: run their sorry asses over.
From a Fark thread:
If I were the judge in this case: To the guy who ran over the robber, I'd say "Vehicluar manslaughter is illegal and the law says you must be punished! Due to the circumstances in this case, I reduce the penalty to a one-dollar fine, which I hereby suspend. I hope your truck didn't sustain any damage. Can I buy you a beer?" haha
-And of course, life in the OC just wouldn't be normal without a 14 year-old Anaheim boy raping four other boys and robbing them.
-For some reason, that story didn't affect me much. Probably because I've begun to read "Grouphug Anonymous Confessions" while bored, and consequently, am no longer shocked by anything. Some sample confessions:
The guy who sits infront of me in Physics sometimes yawns and stretches back. His hair lightly grazes across my hand while I'm writing on my desk. I enjoy this.
I've been having extra marital affairs for the past 5 years, in spite of the damage that I know that this would do to my wife and kids. Unfortunately, neither my wife or any of the other women that i've been sleeping with, know that deep down i want to be treated like a bitch by a pre-op transexual.
And one of the craziest stories is this one, which I won't copy paste because it's long. But seriously...wow.
-I'm reasonably sure that anyone reading this doesn't think of Family Circus (the comic) as even remotely funny, because...it's a pure, refined, readable form of crap. Let's admit it, transexual geese mating would probably be more entertaining. Anyways, I've come upon some "user-made" captions that make the comic much better, see for yourself: one, two, three, four, five, six(ROFL), seven.

I. 11-23-04 Dolphins = Underwater Secret Service
Next time I swim in shark-infested waters, I want a pod of dolphins around me.

I. 11-22-04 Trees, Hunters, wtf
Wow, a tree rudely awakened about 20 sleeping UCI students in the morning after a party, ahahah.
At about 6:30 a.m., a large eucalyptus tree broke off at its base, damaging five cars, and crashing through the roof and into the living room
And LOL WTF is up with hunters blasting one another over deer hunting spots?!?!
"Apparently, the person was asked to leave and get out of his deer stand, and he didn't take it very well."

I. 11-20-04 Target
Anybody care to save 10% on an anal massage? It's a steal at $35.96, with free shipping.
Edit: another item found from Target, this time a Uranus-Self Anal Massage for Men. A steal at $39.95, with free shipping also.

I. 11-19-04 Pistons/Pacers
edit: here is the guy that started the riot by throwing the beer. With video.
Well, if there's one place I'd expect to see the "ugliest moment in NBA history," it would be in Detroit. Here's the 20mb clip of the foul/initial shit, and here's a smaller clip where Artest confronts a guy in a white jersey, and then O'Neal comes in around 10-11 secs into the clip and lands a flying punch on the guy's face. Anf of course, an even bigger clip that encompasses most of the incidents, including all the food/drink/chair throwing and a much clearer shot of the flying punch. These are hosted by random guys on a forum, so I don't know when they'll go down. Get em while they're hot.

II. 11-17-04 Wackass Videos
Well, I guess my wtf moment this week has to be this video made by some guy who obviously has spare time and sanity. It's worth watching for the simple reason that it makes you go "No, that couldn't have been what I think it was," and then a few seconds later say "WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF?!?!?!?!" And just because that isn't enough omfgness, something else enters the fray and makes you wonder whether you should laugh or stare in disbelief.
MOO g l e I I (10:18:38 PM): apparently some guy sold his car to make this
Sheepathon (10:40:29 PM): LOL WTF
MOO g l e I I (10:43:18 PM): total wtf
MOO g l e I I (10:43:18 PM): ahahah
Sheepathon (10:43:24 PM): what the FUC
Sheepathon (10:43:31 PM): aa;dlkfj;awlkef?!?!??
And here's the Monday Night Football advertisement that's getting more news coverage than it should be.

I. 11-17-04 Innout Burger OMG
Wow, looking at these pictures makes me want to...never order that. And check out a place in Toronto called Dangerous Dan's. They have an item called the "Coronary Burger," ahaha. Look. Two 8-ounce cheese-slathered beef patties, four slices of bacon, and a fried egg. Ridiculous. That article writer has a crazy breakfast idea, too: You can visit me and enjoy my masochistic breakfast invention. Take a big pan, fill it with bacon, and let it sizzle without draining the fat. When there's a bubbling pool of grease in the pan, pour a couple cans of baked beans with pork sauce in there and let it deep fry. Pour it all on to cold, sliced tomatoes next to buttery eggs. Serve with piercingly cold beer. Crazy. And how freakin AWESOME does this burger from Hardee's (Carls Jr on the east coast) look? The "Monster Thickburger" — two 1/3-pound slabs of Angus beef, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese and mayonnaise on a buttered sesame seed bun — sells alone for $5.49, $7.09 with fries and a soda. Droooool.
And of course, there's always the "Virgin Mary" grilled cheese sandwich on ebay that's going for about $70,000...
edit: Virgin Mary sandwich back down to $7.6k.

I. 11-16-04 "Fuck the South"
As hate-filled and scathing as it is, I think this venting speaks for many of us. It's derisive, incendiary, and utterly hilarious. It's even got citations in the form of links to let the reader know he's not just making shit up. On par with Maddox's writing. Well, almost. A must read.

II. 11-15-04 Poor Colin Powell
He resigned today. The BBC has a short, interesting article about his disengagement. A few lines stand out: He was all but humiliated when the aggressive briefing he gave in February 2003 to the Security Council about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction turned out to be based on wrong intelligence. It has also emerged that he was told of President George W Bush's decision to go to war after the Saudi ambassador to the United States.
Are you fucking KIDDING me?! My discussion with Damon over this:
dthxlI38 (12:09:51 PM): it means they informed the saudi ambassador that they were going into iraq
dthxlI38 (12:09:57 PM): before they informed powell
dthxlI38 (12:10:02 PM): he's the fucking sec of state
Sheepathon (12:10:07 PM): that's some bust
Sheepathon (12:11:33 PM): yeah fuck this admin
dthxlI38 (12:11:41 PM): yeah lol
dthxlI38 (12:11:42 PM): fuck it
Sheepathon (12:11:57 PM): that almost like, validates some of the more omfgness of fahrenheit 911
Sheepathon (12:12:07 PM): even i thought the ties to saudis weren't as crazy as moore made them out to be
Sheepathon (12:12:09 PM): but
dthxlI38 (12:12:28 PM): yeah
Sheepathon (12:12:31 PM): "mr ambassador, i'm going to invade iraq, now please excuse me while i arrange a meeting to inform my secretary of state"
dthxlI38 (12:12:36 PM): lol
dthxlI38 (12:12:36 PM): yeah
dthxlI38 (12:12:43 PM): dude the bush family and the saudis
dthxlI38 (12:12:49 PM): have their fucking hands up each others asses

I. 11-15-04 Shake That Ass, Canada
Just because I haven't posted anything funny lately, here is a flash movie featuring...some really ludicrous stuff. And last night, Anna Nicole Smith was quite drunk/high while she gave her little monologue at the American Music Awards. See for yourself.
And if any of you have a hankering to immigrate to Canada, this CNN article lists the top ten reasons to move there. Among the ten: universal public health care, has not run a federal deficit since 96-97, and the Senate recommends legalizing marijuana, aha.

I. 11-14-04 Fallujah Video Clip, Reno 911, Atlantis
Most of you probably know that the US has recently been beating the living hell out Fallujah. Someone with a video camera apparently decided to tag along and got some crazy footage of the troops in action. Rifles, rocket launches, tanks, etc. Video here.
And though this video is done by Reno 911 (a comedy central show), it's still the best DUI clip ever.
Arnold for president in 2008? Oh god no.
Has the lost city of Atlantis been found? That would totally KILL the legitimacy of that one cartoon movie :O

I. 11-12-04 Arafat died. DO NOT MOURN.
He was a grade A, first class terrorist. That is all. Any further explanation can be found in this short thread. I'm still wondering why the hell the media is focusing on him like he was some kind of inspiration to the world.

I. 11-9-04 Hello Kitty MMORPG
In an apparent attempt to steal success from the upcoming World of Warcraft, Sanrio has answered with an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) featuring HELLO KITTY. Omfg? In other news, sex-deprived women in Japan are seeking "relief" at locations with well-dressed men that are happy to help.

I've been playing X-Men Legends on PS2 for the entire weekend. This game is too fun for its own good. Started playing on Saturday night, beat it Monday afternoon. Game shows time elapsed: about 19 hours. That's an alarming amount of time in front of a tv with a controller in my hand. Anybody remember that episode of Friends where Chandler played Ms PacMan for hours and then his hand was stuck in the shape of holding the control stick? Yeah, my hand is in permanent "holding playstation controller" position. Ugh.

Well, shit is starting to hit the fan in Iraq again. For those of you unaccustomed to the term "collateral damage," this might be considered an example. So sad.

I also just realized that since there is no class this Thursday, today is my only day of class this week. So, I get the usual four-day weekend followed by a day of class, followed by a six-day weekend. AWESOME. Should I drive to norcal...?

I. 11-6-04 Lion Conversion
This is a couple days old, but I was too busy cracking up watching the video footage on CNN of the lion attacking the guy. Wtf do Taiwanese Christians learn over there?
The 46-year-old man leaped into the den of African lions and shouted "Jesus will save you," according to the report. He also said, "Come bite me" before one of the male lions attacked and bit the man. Awesome story.

II. 11-4-04 Secession
Looks good. Hawaii can come too, yea. Oh, this would work, too.

I. 11-4-04 LJ Update omfg?
Yeah, updated. It's about the reality behind the politics, and is a long read. I suppose I'm making up for six months of no updates. I doubt many will read it since it's so long, but I think it makes sense. I think it's more sensible than the hate-rant below.

I. 11-3-04 Four More Years...
Edit: Corporate Mofo has his own ideas, which essentially says that America is afraid of gay people. Excellent read.
"However, what most of us artsy middle-class professionals... failed to realize is that Men who proudly describe themselves as "rednecks" (with bumper stickers and lawn ornaments because they long for an ethnic identity more substantial than "one eighth Scottish, one eighth Irish, a quarter Polish, half German, and a little Cherokee," and, being deeply suspicious of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,") want to be able to wear plaid flannel shirts around the house on weekends."
Sure makes a lot of sense.
So, a country votes for a guy that is obviously less intelligent than his opponent, loses three debates, and shirks any question about his own mistakes with an attack on the integrity on his opponent. It makes me feel so great about America.
If this election proved anything, it proved that the majority of American voters hold gays and abortion issues in higher priority than the economy, Iraq, healthcare, medical research, and American respectability in the world. Which makes sense, I guess...if you're a PRIEST.
Bush has a really worthless base of core voters. Oh yeah, who are they again? (Besides the people who voted Bush just because they vote Republican every time they see it on the ballot): Christian conservatives, bumbling hicks in the Midwest, and the miniscule percentage of people that have more money in their bank accounts than some entire countries. I still find it hilarious that churchgoing families vote for him because they actually believe that he represents good Christian values. Please. I was raised in a church for 16 years, and if I had to debate scripture or Bible interpretations I can rip through it, and I think Bush is the worst fucking example of a champion for Christian values you could dig up anywhere. Though I'm a little out of practice, obviously.
I've had some of those random ass people walking around campus with Bibles come up to me and ask me if I was a Christian, and after spending a few minutes with them, I've left them thinking that I was better versed in scripture and more strong in my convictions as an active follower of God than they were, and I just shake my head at the stupidity of what just happened. Oh yeah, George Bush lost votes among people with a college degree, too, making it obvious that they had to compensate with something else...oh yeah: the states that most intellectuals just can't wait to flock to: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, the Carolinas...right. Country bumpkins, and pretty much all the states that were on the losing side of the Civil War. Seriously, how the hell do so many fuckers whose brains go on cruise control from the moment they enter high school have this much clout in our nation's politics? The Founders are rolling in their graves.
And no, I'm not a liberal. Or conservative. I'm a moderate, and a registered independent. If you've noticed, I do a lot more Bush-bashing than Kerry-praising, and that's just simply because if you knew anything about the intricacies of the presidency and the magnitude of that office, and what Bush and his people have done with it, you'd be disgusted, too. But then, most people in America don't study the presidency and or politics in general...or go to college at all.
Keep in mind: Bush may get to appoint as many as four Supreme Court justices onto that bench. Hot issues up for grabs: stem cell research, gay marriage, maybe even Roe v Wade. With a conservative appointing the justices, that's almost like putting judicial and medical progress in America on hold. Scary.

Puya's analysis: Kerry would have been fucked if he had won, because no one can fix Iraq. If Kerry was voted in, he wouldn't have been able to fix it, and the Republicans would use that against him and other Democrats in the future. Now Bush has to finish what he started, and he won't be able to, especially with all those campaign promises he made. The Republicans are fucked because they won. Hillary is going to run in 2008, and she is going to win. Everything that goes wrong in the next four years will be blamed on Republicans because they are in total control. If there is another attack, the president can't say shit about being good on terrorism because the country just got hit again. It's uphill for Bush, and there will be a senate investigation within the next four years.
Haha, I dunno how accurate his predictions are, but a soldier that just returned from Iraq was accompanying someone in one of my classes, and was asked a few questions, and he said that the US would be there for years because of the insane mess over there. Straight from the mouth of a trooper that was there for longer than he should have been. Iraq is a shithole that's going nowhere fast.
Btw, the youth vote was about the same as it was in 2000. P Diddy is crying somewhere.

Ohio may have won it for Bush, but remember, it's not Ohio's fault. It's all the dumbass states in the midwest.
FinalHvn24 (10:47:51 PM): i am drinking scotch...
dthxlI38 (10:48:24 PM): i am so tempted to bust out the vodka
dthxlI38 (10:48:29 PM): and celebrate the downfall of america

I. 11-2-04 Election Day
Get out and vote. Polls are open, close at 8. Do it earlier. Do it after class. Or before, or between. GO.

III. 10-27-04 Sin City
Oh my, oh my, this has to be the best movie trailer I've seen in a while. At 23mb, I'd suggest a save as. Here's the imdb status to it, which is "filming." The casting is about as star-studded as Ocean's 11/12: Josh Hartnett, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Benicio del Toro, and Brittany Murphy, from what I can remember from the trailer. Doesn't matter if you're in the middle of midterms, this is WORTH the dl. Heads up from Stan.

II. 10-27-04 Real Conservatives...
should take 5 minutes out of their lives and read this. Maybe being "conservative" isn't even what you thought it was...
Quite simply, the president, despite his well-choreographed posturing, does not represent traditional conservatism -- a commitment to individual liberty, limited government, constitutional restraint and fiscal responsibility.
I'd bet a lot of people who call themselves conservative don't even know what traditional conservatism is, or simply call themselves that because, as Damon so simply articulates: 
dthxlI38 (9:27:38 PM): they base their conservatism on what their parents told them to believe
dthxlI38 (9:29:59 PM): "little bobby, people aren't born rich, they have to work for their money, welfare is evil. except you, you were born rich because your daddy's daddy worked hard enough for all 3 of us"

How true. Oh, how so very true.

I. 10-27-04 How to Kill Yourself like a Man
Yes, Maddox has a new article up.
Technique: Strangle yourself. What you need: hands.
Technique: Hold your breath. What you need: balls.


I. 10-25-04 More Insane Crackassity
In the retarded video tradition of Ashlee Simpson, here is a clip that features...Japanese girls bitch slapping each other. And just because that's not weird enough, here's an apparently dated, yet equally odd video of dancing robots. Additional information regarding these...dancing machines can be found here.

I. 10-24-04 Lip-Sync Stupidity
Ashlee Simpson just got PWNED on SNL. Her music bit came on...someone messed up...and her vocal track started playing while she was doing some kinda weird dance and she was totally BUSTED for lip-syncing. Here is the clip of the screwup, and here is the apology at the end of the show, which is also pretty crackass, because she tried to play it off as her band playing the wrong song. IM me if the links don't work so I can find new ones. Rightclick, save as, etc because you probably want to keep these. Oh, and an internet spoof.
Jessica has all the looks and talent in the family? CONFIRMED.
FinalHvn24 (12:51:56 AM): got posted online so fast?
MOO g l e I I (12:53:02 AM): yeah
MOO g l e I I (12:53:03 AM): it's soooo bad
MOO g l e I I (12:53:04 AM): omg
FinalHvn24 (12:53:04 AM): ROFL
FinalHvn24 (12:53:07 AM): HhahahaHAHHAA
MOO g l e I I (12:53:08 AM): i feel bad just watching it ahahahahha
edit: I'm still awake at 5am for some reason, but now the thing is on CNN Sunday morning news (it's 8am on east coast), with the clip being played over and over again, complete with analysis of how her band couldn't have been playing the wrong song because their hands weren't even moving ROFL. It's under the headline of "Musical Miscue." And yes, I think dedicating this much space to a post about Ashlee Simpson deems me...almost as stupid as she is.
Oh, and I saw The Grudge. I'd say it's about as scary as...two notches below the Japanese version of The Ring.

I. 10-23-04 More WTF
Looks like the absurdity of the world gets taken up another notch. Check out some random ass black guy assaulting a random car.
MrFixit687 (5:19:18 PM): 10 points if you understands what he's talking about in the begining of the vid LOL

II. 10-22-04 Ugly Ass Squatter Lady
This has got to be one of the more absurd stories I've seen on the news lately. God, that woman is ugly.
During the 2 1/2 weeks the owner, Beverly Mitchell, was on vacation in Greece, Valentine allegedly redecorated the ranch home, ripping up carpet and taking down the owner's pictures and replacing them with her own...she was even wearing some of Mitchell's clothes.

I. 10-22-04 Richard Simmons
I still don't know whether Richard Simmons is gay or not because every time I've heard his name it's just always been more hinting that he's a swinger than actual fact. Anyways, I did an imdb search, and it says that he has no spouse, so I guess he's either someone that doesn't appeal to women, or just likes one night stands...with members of society that possess a Y chromosome. Well, here's a clip of him on Whose Line is it Anyway that made me laugh till I thought I'd die. From Ha.

I. 10-21-04 Partisan Hackery
Here is your daily dose of humor/truth/satire. And your daily dose of a political ad that doesn't suck.

I. 10-19-04 ABC Morning News
So I stayed up all night and went to the morning news with Garth Kemp on ABC at 4:45am. Geber and I had an...interesting time. Aside from finals week, I don't think there's ever been a single moment in history where so many UCI students were awake before 5am. I think I got a few seconds of TV time. Yippie-kai-yay. Was it worth it? Ehhhhhhh...for one thing, almost all the raffle prizes were blue tickets, and there were like two drawings for red ones (residents). Wtf is that? Oh well, I got pictures and video clips. Jodaiko is always fun to watch, too.
I was watching the CNN morning news today, and found out that the average dinner in NYC is $37.45 HOLY CRAP.

II. 10-17-04 College Majors
For all of you out there that are undeclared or pissed off with your major, here is a site that will give you an interesting take on many of the well-known majors that people pick.
Art majors spend four years in near-total isolation preparing for careers at which they will probably never get a chance to succeed. This is why you see art majors and college basketball players hanging out together all the time.
Art history
involves four years of looking at slides and going to museums, and forty-five years of working the 3 to 11 shift at Domino’s.
students spend four years in agony, taking brutal math and science classes. Many would-be engineers wash out and wind up in easier fields, like Middle East peace negotiations. But the dirty little secret is that engineering students smile so much at graduation because they know they’ve solved their last differential equations and can spend the rest of their careers just looking things up in handbooks.
Public administration students spend four years in college doing the college-student thing, then two more years in in grad school. At the end of this, they get a government desk job. Why everybody doesn’t major in public administration, I’ll never know.
Haha, that art history one is brutal. Oh, and it rained today! I loooooove rain :D

I. 10-17-04 Lil Wayne
Boredom led to sitting here watching MTV Cribs, and...omg. Lil Wayne (a rapper) has this huge house, massive rooms, diamond-laden accessories, etc., and his car selection is a Jaguar painted like the Austin Powers "shaguar" and an Escalade. He says, "I don't have TVs or big rims on my Escalade cus I'm a humble person." Yes, this self-proclaimed "humble guy" owns a crazy house, a Jaguar painted in an incredibly flamboyant fashion, and claims to be the originator of "bling bling." But of course he's humble. He didn't trick out his $80k Escalade. GG what a fuckin idiot.

I. 10-14-04 I Love Animal Planet
This is one of the best cable channels, hands down. Some interesting things I have learned in the last couple of days: 1)A male praying mantis can continue copulating even without its head, so while mating, the female may rip off the male's head and start eating it while it's still mating with it, giving her a protein boost for her babies. 2) The way to tell an alligator and a crocodile apart are easy: alligators are more gray/black while crocs are light tan, alligators are found only in the southeast united states and china, while crocodiles are found all over the world, and you can't see an alligator's lower teeth while its mouth is closed. Also, alligators are more likely to run away and hide, while crocodiles are more prone to being tempestuous.
On a non-animal related note, if you want to give a child or infant a new formula, it takes 10-15 times for them to like it.

I. 10-12-04 Last Call with Carson Daly
I never really watch this show because Carson is a grade D power tool, but tonight I was just doing random stuff on the computer with Conan in the background, and then suddenly Last Call is on. OH MY GOD. Is this bullshit for real? For one thing, he's totally trying to rip off Conan, and failing MISERABLY. First comes the "No, we've really got a great show tonight, even though I say that every night" line, and then there's the retarded skits that try to bite off the random ass stuff that Conan has on his show that are actually funny (usually), except that Carson's skits are about as useless as...valet customers with flat tire claims? Or...UCI? Yeah. God forbid Carson gets Late Night when Conan moves on to the Tonight Show. Nah, NBC isn't that suicidal. I think. Whatever, this show SUCKS.

I. 10-7-04 Random ass stuff
Wouldn't it be hilarious if there was a reality tv show featuring virgins? Call it the V-Carders or something. Take a bunch of people, put them in all these crazy sexual situations and pretty much just throw sex at them every waking moment of the day, and see if it will break them, and if they hold off for like a month or something, they win a cool prize, like a happy meal or three. That would be CRAZY. Oh, and I saw this tv commercial for some arm and hammer deodorant called ULTRA MAX. Omfg, ULTRA MAX! I just started cracking up, maybe there's something wrong with me. Imagine going up to someone and saying "You, sir, probably use something silly like a spray on cologne, or maybe speed stick or degree, but your product is clearly inferior to mine, seeing that mine has two of the most EXTREME words put together: ULTRA MAX!!!" Ok, that would be pretty retarded.

I. 10-5-04 The Real Flip Shady
Hmm, isn't it odd that the right's candidate calls the left's candidate a flip flopper when his track record is just as BAD regarding changing stances on an issue? That's a pdf link that loads better with rightclick/save as. How about a list of the top ten?

II. 10-2-04 FOX News is being typical
"Carl made a stupid mistake which he regrets," Mr Schur said. "And he has been reprimanded for his lapse in judgment." Right
Another tidbit: Carl Cameron (Fox's chief political correspondent, and also their main reporter on Kerry and the election) was the author of the fake quotes:  "'Didn't my nails and cuticles look great? What a good debate!' Kerry said Friday." The item also quoted Kerry as saying of himself and President George W. Bush: "I'm metrosexual - he's a cowboy." Some quality news reporting.

I. 10-2-04 Distant Cousins
In the 16th century, two folks named Edmund Reade and Elizabeth Cooke were married and had two daughters named Margaret and Elizabeth. So what? Well, a few centuries later, Margaret's descendant became governor of Texas (not Florida, I am an idiot), and then president of the United States. Elizabeth's descendant became a Massachusetts senator. The two are currently in a political battle over the presidency. Strange, eh? From Stan.

II. 9-30-04 Presidential Debate #1
Well, that was fun to watch. Kerry really ripped into Bush. It's probably not enough to win him the election, but we'll see what happens in #2 and 3.

I. 9-30-04 Hamsters
Since all your questions about porcupine sex have now been answered, it is now time to learn about deadly hamsters, and how Japanese people get killed by them.

I. 9-29-04 Porcupines
Just as a PSA to answer the question on everyone's lips, here is a link that puts all your ponderings at ease.

II. 9-27-04 Bad Signs
This is going to be a bad quarter. 1)I am living at Vista Del Campo, which is like a hotel resort and casino, minus the casino. This environment screams everything BUT study. 2)My room setup is done in a way where I can watch tv from desk or bed, or watch a movie on lcd and chat on AIM on another, and whatnot. Satellite tv is also there for me. 3)Today was the first real day of class, and I missed it already. I slept through a 2PM CLASS. I woke up at 2:02 and I was like OMFG!?!? To make it worse, I forgot that the exact same class is at 4pm with the same prof, and even in the same building, and spent the afternoon dilly dallying around doing nothing except watching MTV/MTV2/VH1/FUSE/CNN with Chips Ahoy and cup noodles. GFG. Life = 1. Andre = 0.

I. 9-27-04 Conan is taking over!
Conan O'Brien is gonna take over The Tonight Show in 2009!!!
O'Brien has openly talked about wanting to move on and, in the late-night world, that means an earlier time slot.

II. 9-25-04 Florida
I knew the whole hurricane situation there was pretty bad, but I didn't know it was this bad:
Not since Texas in 1886 has one state has been struck by four hurricanes in a season. Jeanne follows Charley, which struck Aug. 13 and devastated southwest Florida; Frances, which struck Labor Day weekend; and Ivan, which blasted the western Panhandle when it made landfall in nearby Alabama on Sept. 16.
Some people took to burning the downed trees, housing material and other debris that could become airborne, banging into homes and endangering anyone who ventures outside. If debris penetrates a home's window or wall, that would allow Jeanne's winds to get inside and push off the roof.
Holy crap.

I. 9-25-04 Retarded Laundry Setup
12:15am. Oh my god, the way the laundry room is set up here is so retarded. It auto locks at midnight?!?! I put clothes into the washer at 11:30, and now they're just sitting wet in the machine. There is nothing in the resident handbook about laundry room hours, and seeing that it is still brightly lit, it's nothing but a waste of electricity right now. Even better: the handbook says: "Our assistance is available to you 24 hours a day. Please call (949)854-0900 and we will direct your call or request for assistance to the appropriate personnel." So I call the number, and I get a recorded message that says something about being closed and when normal office hours are. What the hell?!?!?!
Edit: 1am. I was able to contact my building's CA, who said that the deal w/ the community center is that they're looking for someone to work the graveyard shift from 12-8 in order to keep it open, so until they do, the doors just automatically lock at 12. Anyways, the CA was really cool and unlocked the door for me, and even waited another 40 min to go open it again after my clothes dried. So, there is no fiasco. GG.

I. 9-24-04 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
a.k.a. Sky Rabbis and the Jews of Tomorrow :D
I saw this on Wednesday night, and all I have to mention is that everyone should see this movie just to be totally wtfed out. I mean, it's so far out you can't even try to say "that doesn't make sense" in your head because you know the moviemakers meant the whole film to be a great big entertaining crackfest. I mean, I'm not even really sure if the movie has a point besides to make you shake your head and crack up. It's just cool, and should be definitely watched in a theater (I saw it on IMAX screen at Spectrum, quite insane). Anyways, my summer is over in less than half a day, because it's almost 4 in the morning and class starts in the PM hours of today. Ugh. Oh, and I updated webshots album of my residence with some room pics and other stuff. And check out this plate of Chilean Sea Bass made to perfection :D

I. 9-23-04 Time for some history classes, Mr. President
Bush repeatedly confuses the names of two different terrorists 10+ times. Here are a few...
9/20 (NH) - "Do you remember Abu Nidal?" Bush asked the crowd. "He's the guy that killed Leon Klinghoffer."
9/20 (NY) - "Abu Nidal was a cold-blooded terrorist killer who killed Leon Klinghoffer."
9/13 (MI) - "Abu Nidal, the guy who killed Leon Klinghoffer, he and his organization were in Baghdad."
8/28 (OH) - "Remember Abu Nidal?" Bush asked Aug. 28 in Lima, Ohio. "He's the guy that killed Leon Klinghoffer because he was Jewish? He found safe haven in Iraq."

So who the hell is this Abu Nidal guy? A Palestinian terrorist that died in 2002. And who really killed Leon Klinghoffer? Abul Abbas, a leader of a Palestinian terrorist group operating out of Tunisia. Both are now deceased.
I hope Bush Sr. (former CIA head) isn't as confused over who really killed JFK  ; )

II. 9-21-04 Massive Speeding Ticket
No, not me.
20-year-old Stillwater resident Samuel Armstrong Tilley, for reckless driving, driving without a motorcycle license -- and driving 140 miles per hour over the posted speed limit of 65 mph.
I think I'd be afraid to go triple digits on a motorcycle. Especially 205. Though a quarter mile in 4.39 seconds is pretty crazy.

I. 9-21-04 The Things People Do...
How to save money for weapons = drink less boba! Yes, boba for missiles! Taiwan is crackass.

I. 9-19-04 Settled In
Well, finally all set up here at Vista. Pictures up in a little bit. It's been a fun few day. Well, day (9/17). Steve missing his flight and getting laughed at by airport desk people when he showed up at 8:24 for his 8:25 flight, watching crazy things happen at Evan's (condoms hanging from the ceiling are a nice backdrop lol), drunk Texas Hold'Em (Kevin only won the first game because he was the only sober one and the dealer, bastard pocket acer), and yelling at some chick in a Carls Jr. drive thru. The network here is retarded. Once a computer connects to the internet through one of the wall jacks, in order for another computer to use it, the current one has to ipconfig /release before another one can use it, which is bastard and annoying. My desk was also kind of shittily put together, and I have an old tshirt balancing it out, but all in all, can't complain.

II. 9-18-04 Kryptonite Bike Locks
How to beat one.

I. 9-18-04 Scary News
I'd be pretty freaked out if I was this newsman. Watch the video.

I. 9-17-04 How to Date a White Woman
For sale under 20 dollars! Read the reviews, they're so great.
There is a sample of one of the many points on the website: 'Asian women love it if you're in a violent gang that hangs outside of arcades and looks menacing. They also prefer you to dress in completely white clothing and shoes, with your hair slicked back with gel. Bonus points if you're only 4 foot tall.'
Hilarious. From Ron.

I. 9-14-04 Wagyu Beef, a.k.a. "Kobe Beef"
Ooooommmmgggg. This steak is probably the godliest meat item on the planet. As described on a fark thread:
-A date took me to a place that served top quality wagyu in Kyoto. One steak was 35,000 yen (or about $300.00 at the time). It was better than any meat I'd ever had, or have had since. It was so good that there aren't words to explain how good it was. Like butter. Really. Delicious, orgasmic, beefy butter. Try it. Just once. Forget 6 bikini models in a hot-tub, this is what life's really all about.
-No butter on the steak, the steak is like butter. Seriously, it's that soft. As if you were biting into a melty cube of butter that tasted like the best beef you've ever had. *whimper*
-My wife took me to a place where they served wagyu and I almost walked out when I saw the price. I mean c'mon! Over 30,000 yen for a freaking steak? I mean I like food and all that but I really have a problem with something this expensive. Then I tried it. Words fail me at trying to describe the taste, it was beyond exquisite. It was, without a doubt, the best piece of beef I have ever had. I am seriously looking forward to having some again.

II. 9-13-04 Mexican Deportation
There's something ironic about Mexico deporting people back to the US.

I. 9-13-04 Flash animation
This might have been a useful addition to some health classes back in 5th grade. May be a bit NSFW.

I. 9-9-04 Hurricane Water
On sale at ebay. Funny story under it, too.
Speaking of funny, my wife didn't understand how the toilets worked (while the power was out). I still love her, but i wonder about her sometimes.
It will ship UPS ground. i will not be responsible if you drink this water (although, i've been drinking it off the street for 3 days now...the street water is cleaner than the city's water). If bidding goes over 5 cents, i may throw in a roof shingle. i have over a thousand in my front yard (only 3 are mine). If the winning bidder would like, i will throw in an unknown fruit.
Best ebay item I've seen in a while.
Damn, ebay took the auction off. Bastards.

I. 9-8-04 UCI LJ Thread
Oh my god, will someone please read the exchanges between me (finalhvn) and this guy (destined_wind) and tell me that I'm hallucinating, and this guy really isn't for real? Because I'm having a hard time believing it's really happening. What's so sad about combating stupidity with non-stupidity is that you eventually have to take all the intelligence out of what you're saying just to get the other person to understand.

III. 9-7-04 US Death Toll passes 1k
647 of those have been killed since President Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq

II. 9-7-04 Ebert Reviews Wicker Park
I could not see the plot of this movie, because I had no concept of what it was. But by looking and listening carefully, I was at last able to perceive that it was a love quadrangle taking place in three Chicago apartments, which for convenience I thought of as the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.
Great read.

I. 9-7-04 Iran Olympian given $125k for refusing to wrestle
he sacrificed a gold medal at the Athens Olympics by refusing to fight an Israeli hahaha, yeah right
Wow, I wish I could get paid 125k for being a retard.

I. 9-6-04 Retard American Politics
The latest use of American tax dollars sure is going to great use! Investigating Kerry war medals! I know I've talked about this with some people, but does nobody fucking realize the stupidity behind this Kerry/Bush Vietnam battle?
One served, the other did not, one is a war hero, the other is not, one volunteered to go to Vietnam and ride a swift boat on the Mekong, the other did the rich kid's war escape method. That's IT about Vietnam. END OF ISSUE. But instead, they bitch about how he might not deserve all five of the medals he got in Vietnam. Good god, how about you just honor the fact that he served willingly, put his life in danger, was wounded, survived, moved on, and became a senator?
Talking about Vietnam is fucking stupid. How about issues that affect the American people and how the candidate feels those issues should be taken? You know, tiny little things like healthcare, social security, arms spending, scientific research, affirmative action, environmental drilling, prescription drugs benefits, taxes, budget cuts, among other things...?!?!?! But no, we don't wanna talk about how to make America better, but would rather nitpick some shit that happened in a war 35 years ago. What ever happened to attacking a political opponent over what he stands for on issues that really matter RIGHT NOW? Clinton had the right idea when he called Kerry from his hospital bed and told him to stop talking about Vietnam.
A quote from a fark thread: VIETNAM WAS 35 YEARS AGO. OUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS ARE DYING NOW. EVERYONE STFU ABOUT VIETNAM. Yeah, that's all that needs to be said about Vietnam in this election.

I. 9-4-04 ROFL
Omg look at this, ahahahHAHA. From Ron.

II. 9-3-04 Clinton going under the knife
Clinton needs heart bypass surgery. Speaking of Clinton, does anybody remember his $236 billion dollar surplus in 2000, as compared to the $500 billion dollar deficit right now? (largest in US history btw)
Oh yeah, and how about when GWB was running for pres. in 2000, he said he wouldn't touch the 2.5 trillion that Clinton had set aside to deal with the Social Security problems in the future? Yeah, one year later, money pwned, gfg.

I. 9-3-04 Russian hostage situation
Beslan, Russia, is the site of something straight out of a Tom Clancy novel right now.
About 400 people held hostage at a school in southern Russia fled to safety Friday, but scores are reported dead and some children are still being held, as pitched battles continue between troops and hostage-takers.
Hostage-takers have grenade launchers, small arms and have been sniping, and troops and the abductors have been fighting pitched battles.
There also was a report that 23 bodies, including 17 children, were outside a hospital morgue and 10 more bodies were inside. One news report said the death toll could exceed 150.
I think I can safely say that Chechnyan rebels storming your school and taking everyone hostage is a shitty itinerary for the first day of the school year.

I. 9-2-04 Omfg dumbass Republican National Convention
[Miller] chastised Kerry for voting against weapons programs. "This is the man who wants to be the commander in chief of our U.S. Armed Forces?" Miller asked. "U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?"
Yes, because if Kerry is voted president, then he will disarm the Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy, and somehow topple the US Military's power to something other than 1 in the world, right? How can people even believe that shit, omfg. Oh wait, something like half of America like to say yeeeeeehawwww on a regular basis, right?

II. 9-1-04 50 Cent Booed off Stage
In Britain, haha.
Accompanied by his G-Unit crew, 50 Cent hadn't even taken the stage at the legendary U.K. music bash on Sunday evening when the cranky crowd of 55,000 began yelling insults at the former crack peddler and hurling plastic cups.
The audience was having so much fun at that point that they began chanting "50 Cent is a wanker."

I. 9-1-04 Kobe Case to be Dropped

There are still no heroes in the NBA.

II. 8-31-04 Wow
I think that this just might be the greatest thing I've seen on the internet in the last half year. Give yourself a half an hour or so. The beginning is kinda retarded, with the Hulk/He-Man/Mr T setup, but as you go along, it becomes a lesson about economics, taxes, budget crisis, all sorts of stuff.

I. 8-31-04 Just for the moment
Winamp just selected "Somewhere out there - James Ingram & Linda Rondstat." It's something nice to listen to at 5:30am before bed. Here's to all you hopeless romantics out there. I may have left your ranks, but I still feel ya. Lyrics:

Somewhere out there Beneath the pale moonlight Someone's thinking of me And loving me tonight
Somewhere out there Someone's saying a prayer That we'll find one another In that big somewhere out there
And even though I know how very far apart we are It helps to think we might be wishing On the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby If helps to think we're sleeping Underneath the same big sky
Somewhere out there If love can see us through Then we'll be together Somewhere out there Out where dreams come true

There was a great moon out tonight, too. Bedtime now, tomorrow it's time for a VARIETY BUCKET from KFC, yay : )

III. 8-30-04 P. Diddy is a dumbass
Why the hell would you want a diamond-encrusted Ipod?

II. 8-30-04 Attack of the killer Squirrel
Funny read.

I. 8-30-04 Sing, why not
I wish this was a joke.

III. 8-27-04 Summer Hotpotting
Auto response from Mr Sho0 (4:15:41 AM): beer, cigarettes, and hot pot ---- they are best friends
Ikea, Hotpot, an after-hotpot, Newcastle, Davidoffs, Infernal Affairs, random crackassity, what more is needed from a summer Friday night?
Big webshots update is in order.

II. 8-27-04 80s Music
80s music is awesome. Everyone loves 80s music. RIGHT?!

I. 8-27-04 Orange Juice
It doesn't get much better than going to Ralphs past midnight, buying 5 lbs of oranges, and juicing them into glasses to drink before a game of foosball. Ok, you don't need the midnight, foosball, or even the glasses, but fresh squeezed orange juice is awesome.

III. 8-26-04 Rumsfeld Poetry
Haha, found an old article while randomly googling around: Rumsfeld's poetry.
A Confession
Once in a while,
I'm standing here, doing something.
And I think,
"What in the world am I doing here?"
It's a big surprise
- May 16, 2001
Omg ahahahah, good stuff from the secretary of DEFENSE.
MOO g l e I I (2:09:20 PM): ahahahhahahaha
MOO g l e I I (2:09:56 PM): Once in a while,
I have to take a dump,
Then I sit on the toilet,
And I think, Damn this is taking awhile

II. 8-26-04 High Cops
Detectives overcome by marijuana fumes.
the detectives were taken to Denver Health Medical Center to be evaluated. White says all three are expected to be fine. Well duh, do people still think marijuana actually kills people?

I. 8-26-04 Stalemate
Ayatollah brokers agreement with al-Sadr?! Are you kidding me? No. Not gonna last. This is gonna end up about as well as Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz calling Iraq a "cakewalk" and Tenet calling it a "slam dunk" and a big "mission accomplished" sign on an aircraft carrier, and every other wackass Iraq defining moment.

I. 8-23-04 Summer School
After summer school last year, I told myself that I'd never take it again. So, I forgot, signed up for a class, and now I'm totally hating it. UCI sucks too btw.

I. 8-21-04 Work
Picked up three paychecks at work yesterday, ahah. One pay period, I only worked 4.9 hours, and after taxes, that's $30.16 of hard earned money. rofl

II. 8-19-04 More hypocrisy in politics
Swift Boat Veteran for Truth leader claims Kerry was "not under fire" during rescue. Strangely, the guy won a Bronze Star for being under fire during the exact same conflict. Hahahaha, link.

I. 8-19-04 Food Options
Added a list of places to eat down at the bottom of the page, just so next time me or anyone else can't think of a place, the list can be consulted. If you see anything missing, tell me so I can add to the list :D No fast food, please (unless it's hax fast food, like Innout and Tommys).

III. 8-18-04 Toro
Quote from GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka): Large toro is the special, fatty part of the tuna fish. The toro from black tuna is often greatest when from Hokkaido’s oceans and is the most expensive of all sushi. And then, from the black tuna, weighing between 50 and 80 kilos, the special, tender part is taken out once again, and then I am plunged into sushi paradise. The fat on toro glistens delicately in the light and melts in my mouth.
I went to this sushi place at Brookhurst/Talbert today, and finished off my meal with toro. Toro is $7.50 for two pieces of sushi. Toro is pinkish in color. Toro is buttery. Toro is incredibly flavorful. Toro is great.

II. 8-18-04 Alcoholic Black Bear
1. Bear wanders into campground
2. Bear breaks into coolers
3. Bear drinks a lot of beer.
4. Bear passes out.
Awesome (with pic)

I. 8-18-04 Pumping Iron
What's this, a temporary fix for global warming? Neat diagram at bottom, too.

II. 8-15-04 The Great Scam
Oh yeah, I read this last night. It doesn't matter if you're a geek, have never played computer games before, are age 20 or 65, this has got to be one of the best damned things I've ever read in my entire life. I've never read Harry Potter before, but I'll bet this is twice as captivating. It's pretty long, but it's well worth it. To me, the story is all about the evils of the world. Someone thinks of a good way to make money, is rewarded for his hard work and effort, but then the people that make his life hard find a counter way to make his life difficult again, and he says "fuck it" and abandons the respectable good guy image, and goes the way of the shady and evil. The writing is incredibly immersive. It's also hilarious. You could almost call it an example of capitalism (this will make more sense as you read). It's summertime, why not read it? :D I'd almost forgotten what it was like to read something and not wanting it to end, yet wanting it to end so I'd know what happens. Beautiful. From Ron.

I. 8-15-04 Yu-Gi-Oh Sucks
Nuff said.

II. 8-14-04 Sizzler
I went to try out that new Royal Palace Buffet place (on the corner next to alertos, adjacent to the Del Taco). Little did I know, every freakin asian family within five miles was either inside eating or waiting in line. A far cry from the barren, forsaken restaurant on the corner that it used to be a little while ago. So, after some meandering, Sizzler was the new destination. And no, there wasn't a family of asians spanning four generations waiting outside. Steak and all you can eat shrimp was for dinner, and a meal at Royal Palace Buffet eluded me for the umpteenth time.
Well, the steak wasn't anything different than usual. Not too great, not too bad, but you get what you pay for. The shrimp, though (the all you can eat ones), are TOTALLY SUB-PAR. It looks like this regular-sized shrimp, and then you rip the breading off, and there's this little thing half the size of your pinky remaining. It's also completely lacking in flavor. There's enough flavor to let you know you're actually eating a shrimp, but that's it.
I guess where I'm going with this is...don't get all you can eat shrimp at Sizzler.

I. 8-14-04 Sleeping Normally
I was awake from 5pm Thurs to 12am Saturday, partly because I couldn't sleep on Thurs night, and then when I actually got sleepy, I couldn't, because I had homework followed by class followed by work. Anyways, this 31hr stretch of zombieness did have one perk - for the first time in...possibly over half a year, maybe more, I slept normal hours, from 12-8. This is truly a moment worth documenting. I want cookies. I am also totally over my job.

II. 8-12-04 Weird Soccer Happenings
Iraq, the country that's arguably been one of the shittiest places in the world to be in the last decade, just got its first Olympic victory with a win over the Portuguese soccer team. Yes, Portugal, the runner-up to Euro2004.
And now it seems like Real Madrid are getting Owen, and not Vieira.

I. 8-12-04 Anti-Procrastination Genetics
Wow, I want some of this stuff.

I. 8-11-04 Coke lasts forever
Well, at least 8 years. Remember when Disneyland gave their Tomorrowland a makeover way back when (1996, I think)? Well, I saved this one 8oz glass bottle of Coke that had some special pretty Tomorrowland label on it, and while cleaning my room last night, I found it and put it in the fridge. Well, I drank it this morning, and it tastes just like regular chilled Coke. Therefore, expiration date labels on Coca-Cola bottles are myth!!! At least on glass ones, anyways.

I. 8-10-04 Room Cleaning
Spent like 5-6 hours today cleaning my room. All shelves, drawers, filing cabinet gone through. Threw away a mass amount of paper from like high school classes after I realized I'd never want to see it again. Old Chinese school crap, Fulton hot lunch menus, ahahah. Also, wtf was I thinking when I bought a 512mb memory card for my camera? That's 491 pictures at 1600x1200 at superfine setting.
Interesting things I found while cleaning:

Coupon for a free original taco from the 1996 Star Wars Special Edition promo at Taco bell. Gonna go see if it still works. No expiration date printed :D
Palace Park tickets and coupons. Boomers is there now, bastards.
A 65 dollar receipt for a pack of 50 cdrs from 2/27/00
Troop 319 phone lists and calendars.
LAFPAC related stuff
Receipt to a 3dfx voodoo3 video card
Old Fulton directories
A “Coke Card.” Remember the coca cola card back from 1999? Iydkydg.com? Haha, the website doesn’t even exist anymore
Red Cross Level VI skill proficiency card wtf? I think it certifies me for CPR, haha
1998 South Coast Plaza catalogue.
Autographed posters of Liu Kang and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat the movie
A Fedco card. Remember Fedco?
Test results from that Stanford/Star test from ’99 and ’01. I think I was smarter in high school than I am now. In ’99, over 7 categories, my average was 91, in ’01 it was 96.
Some old comics I drew in…middle school
Battletech cards!
Birthday card with nothing written inside it…I don’t even know who it’s from. But on the front, it says “You’re 16! That rocks!” and then inside it says “No car. That sucks.” Awesome
Membership cards to: cyber city, alpha pc game, cyber deck, gizzmos
An fvhs “contract” to remain on good behavior after starting shit with mr holder
A "how to protect your children from child abuse and drug abuse" booklet, bahahaha.

And I haven't even done the closet yet.

I. 8-8-04 New tallest skyscraper in Taipei
So one of the smallest little countries built the biggest skyscraper in the world. Here's a better picture of it.
At 101 floors, Taipei's newest skyscraper is the world's tallest, and an ego boost for a people who feel snubbed by the world. When the hell did Taiwanese people feel snubbed by the world, lol.
It also boasts the fastest elevators in the world, reaching a speed of 38 mph. Damn. I think I'd be a little freaked out going that fast in an elevator.

Oh, and Manchurian Candidate was a pretty badass movie. About 20x creepier than I thought it'd be, but still good times. Collateral, too.

I. 8-4-04 Camera
Has arrived. Sexy little thing.

I. 8-3-04 FedEx
I don't think there's ever been a single time that I something I ordered that was delivered by FedEx ever got to me the first try. It's always either someone isn't home, or in today's case, I was sleeping and didn't hear the door. The usual case of "dammit, there's the slip on the door saying they stopped by" again.
My hair is also approaching mop-status. Inverted, I am a human broom.

II. 8-2-04 The Youth Vote
A few weeks ago I was reading my Newsweek and a great sent-in article by some girl from Michigan St. caught my eye, and I just happened to remember it while chatting online. It's called "I Cannot be Charted" and I don't think I've ever read any short essay that so sweetly and simply described much of how I think about politics. There are few moments in life when I am completely absorbed and enamored with something, but one thing that never fails to captivate me is reading something and saying to myself, "My God, I feel like this is something I wrote in the past, but didn't" or "This is something that I've always known but never bothered putting into words." I don't know who really has felt that way before, just that sense of reading the final line, looking up, and just breathing a sigh of contentment, almost as if you're smarter or a better person because of what you've just read. Now I'm just showering accolades of praise, so I'll stop. But omg, I think everyone in this country should read this.
I am neither lazy nor apathetic. I'm confused and frustrated. I am told to care about issues like Social Security and health care, when chances are high that I won't even find a job after I graduate from college. Damn, anyone else totally feel that?

I. 8-2-04 Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
I saw this movie earlier today. Er, yesterday. Anyways, it surprised the crap out of me, because I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard while watching a movie. I don't think Dodgeball got me laughing nearly as hard, and definitely not Anchorman, but this was one of those comedies where scene after scene makes you laugh to the point where you're just having a lot of fun watching it. Anchorman, by contrast, was one of those movies where after a bit into the movie, you're sitting almost uncomfortably in your seat because the comedy they throw at you is hit-or-miss, and misses too often that you stop having that continuous "hahahahha" high you get from movies that keep your in stitches the whole way through. People see comedies because they want to see fresh humor that makes them laugh out loud, and the biggest crime the makers of a comedy can make is getting the audience to the theater to laugh at their movie, and then denying them laughter because the content isn't funny. Few feelings in the world match the disappointment of walking out of a comedy with all the laughter you wanted to let out still mulling around inside you. Ebert wrote a review of the movie which, as usual, is on the nose (I think).
Later he steals Harold's car. Harold is incredulous: "Did Doogie Howser just steal my car?" Yes, but he did it for a good reason. He did it so that when they finally get to a White Castle and find him there ahead of them, Harold can ask, "Dude, where's my car?" hahahahha

II. 7-31-04 A real Sheepathon in action
...local sheep have perfected their version of the commando roll. Awesome
...the sheep have also perfected the skill of hurdling five foot fences and squeezing through gaps as narrow as eight inches wide
That is insane. I don't think I know any PEOPLE that can hurdle 5 ft.

I. 7-31-04 Victoria's Secret goes College
The lingerie retailer unveiled the "Pink" line of cotton loungewear and sleepwear targeting 18-22-year-olds Thursday.
Obviously because girls of this age bracket just don't look hot enough in the regular wear, I'm sure.   /sarcasm
But damn, look at the collection. I'm sure nobody is complaining. Except, of course, the conservatives...

I. 7-30-04 Bought a digital camera
After like over a year of beating around the bush and dabbling with digital camera research, I finally did a lotta reading and looking at comparisons to make a decision to buy one, and after debating between the Canon s500 and the Sony DSC-W1, I finally decided on the Canon, which I got for $380, no tax, including shipping ($119 below retail :D). It should arrive in a few days. Webshots update soon, hopefully. Thanks to Ted for oodles of help in deciding and the heads-up to the great deal from OneCall (which is now back to normal price, and out of stock, which is not surprising, seeing onecall's reseller rating and the camera price).

II. 7-27-04 Democratic National Convention
I've been watching the dnc, and something that totally skipped my mind manifested itself on a forum thread: Speaking of speeches. Didn't it feel good to see a leader up there last nite who could speak more than two words in a row without an 'uuhhhhh', and also make a statement without repeating the same thing over and over again regardless of it's relevance?
Yeah, it did. Oh, and Clinton's speech was incredibly good, and this is coming from someone who's pretty stingy regarding the praise of language use. You can watch it on C-Span, or read the transcript. If you don't wanna pore through the whole thing, at least Ctrl-F the transcript for "tax" and read the next few paragraphs or so.

I. 7-27-04 O'Reilly not being a belligerent ass
Maybe it was because he knew he was talking to Michael Moore, and knew that anything psycho-assish he did or said would probably end up on a documentary one way or another, or that he knew a clash of personalities like O'Reilly/Moore was his opportunity to repair some of his image, but for whatever reason, he's not being the usual idiot. Interview here.
O: I’m glad we’ve had this discussion because it just shows you that I see the world my way, you see the world your way, alright—and the audience is watching us here and they can decide who is right and who is wrong and that’s the fair way to do it. Right?
M: Right, I would not sacrifice my child to secure Fallujah and you would?

II. 7-26-04 81 (and counting) reasons not to vote Bush
Stuff like raising the legal limit of arsenic in drinking water to cut mining industry costs.
When the president made the decision to go back to the original 50 ppb standard, he said: "At the very last minute, my predecessor made a decision, and we pulled back his decision so that we can make a decision based upon sound science and what's realistic." His EPA administrator, Christine Todd Whitman, said the standard had not been based on the "best available science."
And other stuff like his vice president refusing to let a congressional oversight body see record of his Enron meetings (remember Enron?)
Cheney explained his refusal to publicize what took place at the meetings by saying that he and the president should be allowed to do their work in secret.
And then there's stuff like kicking the Constitution in the face (remember that old thing, you know, the mother of all US law?)
The USA Patriot Act, signed in 2001 by President Bush, allows the government to indefinitely detain immigrants, and conduct searches and surveillance without the Fourth Amendment's rule of probable cause.
And violating your own administration's trade embargoes...
President Bush's 2004 official election campaign sells clothing made in Myanmar. This is in direct violation of Bush's own trade embargo against the country, one of the world leaders in sex trafficking, human rights abuses, and narcotics production.
Yeah, the list goes on. Every statement has a little "works cited" source, as well, just to make sure all the neo-cons screaming "THIS IS JUST LIBERAL PROPAGANDA" can't scream too loud ; )

I. 7-25-04 She's a crazy bitch
Well, I think the whole story is stupid, because it's about a drunk guy dying because he refused sexual come-ons. How often does that happen?! But the circumstances are just so...ugh.
Olga and her boyfriend took the body out in the street and threw it on the ground. After that they came back to the apartment to continue the booze. Crazy Russians.

I. 7-22-04 Finally, making sense of water
If you've ever wondered wtf the difference was between spring water, mineral water, purified water, drinking water, etc. was, then check this out. The explanation of all the different types begins about halfway down the page, but the top portion is interesting, too.
there’s a good chance that fancy water you’ve just forked out a buck for comes from just the same place — a municipal water supply

II. 7-20-04 Vacationing Candidates
Well, if you plan on voting this November for one of the two primary candidates, you get to vote for ones that seem to enjoy taking leave. Drudge had a post this week about Kerry's 80%+ absence from Senate votes this year, though in his defense, a lot of it was probably spent across the country during the early primaries and on the campaign trail. The pictures, without captions and/or dates, really don't do much, since anyone could dig up pictures of him not working and make a collage of it. I could take 15 pictures of myself in different lecture halls and make a collage of it, but would you believe I went to class all the time? :D Still, the lack of Senate voting is bothersome.
And of course, there's Bush. Those of you who have seen Fahrenheit already know of his preference for a ranch instead of the White House (rather fitting for a president, eh?). Every paragraph in this article serves up another dagger, and there's a fat link at the top of the page taking you to the mass list of sources that confirm it. So...two candidates. One misses Senate votes while the other chills at the ranch. Undoubtedly a "working vacation," right?
"Mr. [War] President, there's a war on. You might consider hopping a plane to Washington."
How about a comparison? Clinton spent 152 days on holiday during his two terms.
...in barely three years in office, George W. Bush has already taken more vacation than Clinton did in seven years.
So...vote Libertarian in the fall? Haha. Funny how Drudge never posts anything incriminating Bush. Well, he is a Republican. Anyways, we have a few little sources like the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, etc. to dish out the dirt that Drudge and Fox news like to shirk.

I. 7-20-04 Bill O'Reilly...
...cites the "Paris Business Review" to bolster his claims of a successful boycott against France. The "Paris Business Review" does not exist. Well, not as an entity that can be called a "business review" anyways, haha. Check this out. Especially the bottom of the page. It's a short letter from the editor of the website O'Reilly got his "information" from - an April Fool's article. Some of you know who O'Reilly is, others have only heard his name here and there. This clip and this article should help to clue you in. And if you don't feel like clicking any of the links I just provided, please watch the clip. Please. The maddox article is great, too.
He referenced a recent Paris Business Review article that said France has "lost billions of dollars" because of an American boycott of French products. Of course, that article was meant in jest. During an April 27 debate with Toronto Globe and Mail columnist Heather Mallick, Mr. O'Reilly said, "they've lost billions of dollars in France according to The Paris Business Review." (See transcript excerpt below.) Clearly, Mr. O'Reilly did not appreciate the humor in our "Poor Little France" column of April 1, 2004, which we believe to be his source for the information. We had assumed that all our readers would recognize that our special edition on April 1 contained only "April Fools" joke stories. The fact that the masthead of the April 1 edition was printed upside down was supposed to be a dead giveaway. - from the editor of the website featuring the April Fool's article

I. 7-18-04 Florida man accused of using gator as weapon
Yeah, it gets better than the headline. Really. Alternate article here.
The alligator, which Havenner had been keeping in his bathtub... the guy doesn't look like he bathes much anyways.
Havenner beat her with his fists, then grabbed the alligator and swung it at her as she tried to escape. Picture that in your head, omg I feel so guilty for laughing, but the thought of a Florida hick swinging an alligator at his girlfriend is just comedy.

III. 7-17-04 Why Hillary Duff's new movie is shit (like it even needs an explanation, but regardless...)
Ebert wrote a great piece about it.
"She agrees to meet him at the big Halloween dance, wearing a mask to preserve her anonymity; as a disguise, the mask makes her look uncannily like Hilary Duff wearing a mask."

II. 7-17-04 Interview with a 15-year-old suicide bomber.
Article here. It's rather chilling at some points. Keep in mind the kid's FIFTEEN.
JR: Who sent you? Hussam: My friend Nasser. He's 16. He was my classmate. Great friend.
Martyrdom is better than being a singer or a footballer. It's better than everything.
I wanted to be relieved of school.
America = ditch class. Palestine = blow shit up...? And no, Columbine isn't a proper analogy. Those kids were rejects that hated everyone and everything at their school. This guy was...a dumbass. With oddly neat eyebrows...
I was afraid that they would beat me but I wasn't afraid that they'd shoot me.
That makes so much sense. Wait. No, it doesn't.
Funny comment by a guy in a forum thread: If he died, he would have thanked allah for his "mission" was a success; now he's alive, he thanks allah that the operation didnt go through as planned. Gee thanks religion, you make everything so clear.
Three cheers for religious indoctrination? Which reminds me, I wanted to write a fat journal about religion, and a separate one about political stuff. Later, I suppose.

I. 7-17-04 - BCD Tofu
The people working here have this...thinly veiled disdain of any customer that doesn't speak Korean. Fuckin kimchee fobs, haha. But their food is still the best alternative to Denny's in the middle of the night. Look at the intro video and the menu. Makes you hungry just looking, eh? Kaju's (in Garden Grove & Irvine) is still better, but isn't 24hr : (
I guess I can't hate on them too much, since I suffer from a similar type of prejudice at my job towards asians and black people. They sure don't like to tip. Assholes.

I. 7-16-04 - Telemarketers
Yeah, they bug. Fortunately, none call my cell phone, and virtually no one that calls my house is looking for me, so I never bother answering. But this makes me wanna pick it up sometimes when the caller ID says "unavailable." But only if I'm bored out of my mind.

I. 7-14-04 - Jessica Simpson in X3
Great. "They will possibly give her a small role in X-Men 3 as a lounge-singer to introduce the character of Dazzler."
Dazzler, wth? Wasn't Dazzler that crappy character in the Xmen arcade game that no one wanted to pick? Everyone wanted Wolverine cus his special was like a sonic boom, or Colossus, who made like a Warrrgghhhh sound and made things around him die. Anyways, I hope she's better as a mutant than a marketing doll for Ice Breakers Liquid Ice (which happens to TASTE LIKE SHIT).

I. 7-13-04 - Missed PK
To those that don't follow European soccer: David Beckham is a British soccer player whose popularity rivals, perhaps exceeds, that of Michael Jordan's here. A few weeks ago, he missed a penalty kick in the dying moments of England's match vs. Portugal, which arguably knocked the Brits out of the quarterfinals. That's like Jordan missing the game-winning free-throw. Anyways, some lucky Spanish fan caught the ball, which had been blasted way over the goal into the stands, and the ball has found itself on Spanish ebay.
"Carral said he has already received an offer of €18,000 from a British newspaper for the ball, and was hoping it would fetch a higher price in the Internet auction."
Yeah, no kidding. Right now it's at €2.1+ million, holy crap.
"The incredible thing was that the ball reached us because we were so far from the goal," he said. Hahahaha. Heads up from Woo.

I. 7-12-04 - Conception
I've been annoyed with the AIM profile character limit for ages, but now with the advent of, or rather, ongoing-ness of summer, I just thought "hey, making one of these things shouldn't be that hard." Pretty much ripped off Ron's, except mine's more plain, with less cool stuff. I don't plan on treating this as anything more than a profile that I also use in substitution of post-it reminders and such.