I. 12-30-07 Dickheads of the Year
Bill Maher's got 'em down pretty accurately.

I. 12-21-07 To Roth or Not to Roth?
Interesting read.

I. 12-13-07 Reuters Pictures of the Year 07
Some more good stuff.

I. 12-10-07 TIME's Top Stories of 07
Good stuff.

I. 12-7-07 Best of '07
OC Weekly's latest edition.

II. 12-2-07 World's Healthiest Foods
Mmmm mmmm.

I. 12-2-07 Feel Good
Just spent all night watching warm and fuzzy feel-good videos :)
Free Hugs, Free Hugs Korea, Free Hugs China, Free Hugs Peru, World's Strongest Dad, Ballet, Pale Blue Dot, Mighty.

I. 11-27-07 OC Sewage Water
Good enough to drink!

I. 11-26-07 Weather Channel Music CD
Uh yeah wtffff.

II. 11-25-07 Glass Lobster
Check out the price on this thing. I love it.

I. 11-25-07 Sunday School for Atheists
Interesting stuff. Still doesn't beat the real circus, though.

I. 11-21-07 What Your Taxes Do
Interesting bits.

I. 11-18-07 Best Whiskey
Time to go shopping.

I. 11-14-07 Around the World in 13 Years
Another hero in my book.

I. 11-3-07 Barbarian Origami
Totally ridiculous.

I. 10-28-07 Clam
400+ years old. And we just had to dig it up and kill it.

I. 10-25-07 "Homemade"
Just about the craziest Rube Goldberg machine I've ever seen.

II. 10-16-07 The Ten Videos to Change How you View the World
A bold title, but worth the look.

I. 10-16-07 Myspace
Ohhhh terrible.

I. 10-9-07 40 Pretty Pictures
Wow, gorgeous.

I. 10-6-07 Cyborg Insect Recon
Sounds too crazy to be real, but here it is...

I. 10-5-07 Polar Bear Plays with Husky
Cool slideshow.

I. 9-29-08 100 Ways Global Warming Will Change Your Life
Scary stuff. I'm really going to miss the salmon.

I. 9-24-07 Leave Nothing
Nike football commercial featuring Shawn Merriman and Stephen Jackson. Probably the most testosterone-injected advertisement ever.

I. 9-18-07 Highway 36
Adding this to the list of places to go driving. Well, that list is pretty much just Hwy1 up the coast, but Hwy 36 looks amazing.

I. 9-15-07 Going the Distance
I guess birds don't really need to sleep when they fly around the world.

I. 9-13-07 Soulja Boy
Not a big fan of the song, but this is just awesome.

I. 9-2-07 Orphaned Hedgehogs
Awwww little piggies.

I. 9-1-07 Polish Air Show Crash
Holy crap (video). And pics.

I. 8-16-07 Cost of Babies
$290k in 17 years. Yikes.

I. 8-15-07 Wicked
The show is absolutely top-notch. Go watch it asap.

I. 8-8-07 Fitness Training Video
Ummmm what the HELL?! Are the dogs really necessary?

I. 8-6-07 Bottled Water
Very interesting read.

I. 7-9-07 Man Laws
From the commercials. Solid.

I. 7-28-07 Google Earth Findings
More good stuff.

II. 7-24-07 Filipino Inmates do "Thriller"
Ummmm amazing/ridiculous/wtf.

I. 7-24-07 20 Uses for Beer and Vodka
Handy dandy.

I. 7-18-07 Ratatouille
I just want to say that this is an amazing movie, and you should watch it asap. That is all.

I. 7-15-07 North Pole Swim
Omg, this guy is the MAN.

I. 7-12-07 12 Jobs That Will Always be Needed
Doctors, teachers, morticians, etc.

II. 7-11-07 Futbol Meets Football
Adidas' latest marketing attack.

I. 7-11-07 PCH
Feeling a strong urge to take this trip. Big Sur in particular looks amazing.

I. 7-8-07 Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature
Quite engrossing read.

III. 7-7-07 Alpine Electronics' Cars
Utterly ridiculous. Scroll down, click on the individual cars, and click on the "slide shows and videos" at the right. Watch in awe. Especially the X5 "Ultimate Listening Machine" and the Sinister 6.
The Sinister Six utilizes a very unique system of motors to allow entry into the vehicle—the top moves back, and the entire seat assembly rotates 90 degrees. In order to make these elements work, the floor of the car had to be cut out and lowered to accommodate the rotating mechanism. A ½” aluminum plate was cut into a circle and bolted to the rotating mechanism to form the base of the seat. Fiberglass, MDF, and ABS plastic were then used to build the rest of the seat, creating a smooth shape that flows with the rest of the interior. Crazy.

II. 7-7-07 Kittens
Awwww precious.

I. 7-7-07 Crazy Koreans
Like, wtf.

II. 7-5-07 Bush and Commutation of Libby
Reading this makes me feel so American.

I. 7-5-07 World Clock

I. 6-29-07 Motorcycle Journey for the Ages
This woman is my idol of the day.

I. 6-24-07 Cycling for a Cause
This is badass. Cycling from Alaska to Panama. I'm totally sold. Anyone else wanna do this?

I. 6-18-07 Microsoft Coffee Table
Ridiculous stuff.

II. 6-17-07 Britain's Got Talent
Oh my god, this is like...cuter than an army of Welsh Corgi puppies.

I. 6-17-07 Your Brain is a Muscle
And monks know how to work it.

I. 6-9-07 Safari Madness
Just about the craziest video I've ever seen on youtube. Watch the entire thing - you won't be disappointed.

I. 6-4-07 Photoshop Magic
Someone has serious skills.

VII. 5-29-07 Rocky Song Remixed
Made by some guy named Ronald Jenkees. Here's the direct link to the mp3 - save it. Then blast it in your car with the windows down rolling through downtown. You will be certified awesome. The youtube vid is pretty funny, too, especially at 1:50.

VI. 5-29-07 Cat Bibs...
...prevent cats from catching wild birds. Silly video.

V. 5-29-07 Pistol Shrimp
Heh, I remember seeing this on National Geographic or something a while back. Fantastic. Don't know about the "heat of the sun" comment, though. The sun's a pretty hot place.

IV. 5-29-07 Saltwater as Fuel?
Sounds crazy, but this could be amazing!

III. 5-29-07 Dyslexia is BS
?daer uoY
"There is a sense of justification when children are diagnosed. It gets them off the hook of great embarrassment and personal inadequacy."
According to Professor Elliott, dyslexic university students are gaining an unfair advantage by getting extra time for their studies and many are getting diagnosed simply to get up to £10,000 worth of equipment including laptops and extra books.
Haha, "My child is incompetent! Impossible!" Reminds me of ADD diagnoses.

II. 5-29-07 Jurassic Elephants
Or something. Apparently, hundreds of elephants have been hiding out on an island in the swamps of Sudan.
"It's not that good a habitat for elephants, but they're free of people shooting at them," Mr. Catterson said. Haha.

I. 5-29-07 22 Worst Place Names
Whakapapa? Looks harmless, but with proper pronunciation...gold. Link.

I. 5-19-07 Starcraft 2
Is official. Read a lot of speculation yesterday, but it looks like it's for real.

I. 5-18-07 Transformers
Yeah, it's directed by Michael Bay, but the exclusive trailer looks bad ass. And Hugo Weaving is the voice of Megatron, aha.

I. 5-14-07 Pingpong Ball Tricks
Uhhh wtf, cheats.

II. 5-12-07 Baby and Snake
Pretty crazy.

I. 5-12-07 George Carlin Quotes
Good little collection.

I. 5-6-07 Twister
Some pictures from the tornado damage in Kansas this weekend.

I. 5-5-07 Chinese Disneyland
Or something.

I. 5-2-07 Conan Visits ILM
Haha, awesome.

I. 4-26-07 Booze Sandal
Well here's the best idea I've seen all week.

II. 4-22-07 PhD in Pwnage
Regardless of where you stand on religion, this is amazing.

I. 4-22-07 Desktop Tower Defense
Fun stuff.

II. 4-18-07 Cho Seung-Hui
Live in video! He sounds like such a total emo loser, sitting in front of a camera reading off a piece of paper and still messing up reading aloud words like "impale," haha.
"Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people." omfg it's so bad it's funny.

I. 4-18-07 Beeradvocate Top 25
Found myself a new checklist.

I. 4-16-06 Virginia Tech
Sigh. <3 to the fallen. I found some of the kids using myspace name search. Kind of eerie looking at their pictures.

I. 4-15-07 Eagle Cam
Live webcam of a bald eagle nest. Cool.

I. 4-7-07 Condi Rice Raps
Haha, fantastic.

II. 4-2-07 Alanis Morissette Does "My Humps"
Whatchu gonna do with all that junk?

I. 4-2-07 Bourbon & Branch, Sushi Ran
If you're ever in SF and want some awesome drinks, you should check out this place. And for some of the freshest fish around, book yourself a table here (I know it's a pretentious flash opening, but I guess you get to do that when your restaurant is rated so highly).

I. 3-22-07 300 Trailer Spoof
Brush your teeth!!! Aha. (updated link)

III. 3-18-07 Skeptic's Annotated Bible/Quran/BoM
Wow, can't believe I haven't perused this before. If anything, check out the section featuring women. Yeesh.

II. 3-18-07 Washington's Farewell Address in Plain Language
Great stuff.

I. 3-18-07 Orange County Cheap Eats
Just for reference.

II. 3-14-07 Christians Squabble Over Global Warming
Bunch of crackasses.
"We have observed that Cizik and others are using the global warming controversy to shift the emphasis away from the great moral issues of our time, notably the sanctity of human life, the integrity of marriage and the teaching of sexual abstinence and morality to our children."
Haha, right. Too bad not giving a flying rat's ass about global climate change will result in consequences that will make abortion, marriage, and abstinence the most insignificant issues on earth.
"One of the men who signed the letter, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, said global warming was part of a leftist agenda that threatened evangelical unity."
Of course it's part of the leftist agenda! There's no way global warming could be an issue so important that it transcends political lines, right? Gah, evangelicals make me crazy.

I. 3-14-07 Dancing Little Kids
Some crazy moves. Wait till you see the boy's ending flip cycle.

I. 3-9-07 Unhappy Smarts
Food for thought.

I. 3-8-07 I Miss My War
Good stuff.

I. 2-26-07 Colossal Squid
Omg, summon the Krakennnnn.

II. 2-25-07 Dwight Schrute MV
Amazing, just amazing.

I. 2-25-07 Jedi Frat Party
Solid effort.

I. 2-24-07 Snow Kiting
Looks fun. Check out the vid.

II. 2-18-07 Wolf Shirt
Check out the testimonials.

I. 2-18-07 WW2 Japan
Not that this is anything new (2001), but Japan is still in denial about its war crimes (human chemical experimentation, rape, etc). Sad story.

I. 2-9-07 Christmas Island Red Crabs
Wooo invasion!!! Wait till you see the babies at the end.

III. 2-7-07 Chinglish
...is being slowly eliminated in China in anticipation of the 2008 Olympic Games. What a pity.

II. 2-7-07 Grand Canyon Walkway
Opens next month!!! Here's a comparison vs the tallest buildings in the world just for kicks. Road trip anyone...?

I. 2-7-07 Ninja, NYC
Gotta check this restaurant out at some point.  $90 full-course meals, though, eek.

I. 1-31-07 Submarine Food
Time to join the Navy for their undersea menu. Mmm.

I. 1-28-07 Eyelash Creatures
Creepy little buggers in everyone's eyelashes.

I. 1-27-07 Colbert on Bush's Healthcare Plan
Awesome stuff.
Colbert: It's so simple. Most people who couldn't afford health insurance also are too poor to owe taxes. But...if you give them a deduction from their taxes they don't owe, they can use the money they're not getting back from what they haven't given to buy the health care they can't afford.

I. 1-21-07 Most Popular Science Myths
Heh, a lot of these are familiar.

I. 1-17-07 It's Cold in Portland
And rather icy.

III. 1-16-07 How Many of You Are There?
Checked this page again, and there is still supposedly only one of me in the US. Meanwhile, there are 113 Harry Potters. Wtf?

II. 1-16-07 Human Slingshot
Hoooooly crap. Sign me up for this, please.

I. 1-16-07 Nintendo Weight Loss
Wii Sports, 30 minutes a day for 6 weeks = lose 9 pounds!!!

II. 1-15-07 Save $400k Over a Lifetime
The numbers are probably exaggerated, but the advice is still quite pragmatic, even if he is some rich ass guy talking about "cutting back" on those $1000 vacations, haha. But then...
If you waste all your farking time saving money eating generic food, not going on vacation, driving crappy cars, wearing thrift store clothes, and being a total pill - you'll find you'll probably have lots of money when you retire. One other thing I've learned is that you'll probably never get to retire because you're going to get cancer at 53 and die. Eat, drink and be merry, folks, for tomorrow you may die. - Mr. Tweedy (fark forums)

I. 1-15-07 Height Research
Good piece by the New Yorker. Guess you gotta feed your little kids right.

I. 1-13-07 Etymology of the Word "Jew"
I was just curious, so I googled, and I read.

III. 1-9-07 Political Preferences, Fears of Death
Plenty of neat stuff.
In 1969, Berkeley professors Jack and Jeanne Block embarked on a study of childhood personality, asking nursery school teachers to rate children's temperaments. They weren't even thinking about political orientation.
Twenty years later, they decided to compare the subjects' childhood personalities with their political preferences as adults. They found arresting patterns. As kids, liberals had developed close relationships with peers and were rated by their teachers as self-reliant, energetic, impulsive, and resilient. People who were conservative at age 23 had been described by their teachers as easily victimized, easily offended, indecisive, fearful, rigid, inhibited, and vulnerable at age 3. The reason for the difference, the Blocks hypothesized, was that insecure kids most needed the reassurance of tradition and authority, and they found it in conservative politics.
Solomon demonstrated that thinking about 9/11 made people go from preferring Kerry to preferring Bush. "Very subtle manipulations of psychological conditions profoundly affect political preferences," Solomon concludes. "In difficult moments, people don't want complex, nuanced, John Kerry-like waffling or sophisticated cogitation. They want somebody charismatic to step up and say, 'I know where our problem is and God has given me the clout to kick those people's asses.'"

II. 1-9-07 100 Best Companies to Work For
Is yours on the list? And how about those bonuses?!

I. 1-9-07 Milk Kills Tea
Adding milk to tea removes the healthiness factor from your tea. The more you know~

I. 1-5-07 Bad Parking Tickets
Issue your own.