I. 12-30-08 Russian Prof Predicts A Split USA
Iiiiiinteresting...gotta love the map at the bottom.

I. 12-18-08 2008 In Photographs
Truly amazing stuff.

I. 12-7-08 J***ed In My Pants
Another awesome SNL Digital Short.

II. 12-4-08 Really Old Weed
People were getting high 2700 years ago. God, I hate our drug laws.

I. 12-3-08 Prop 8 - The Musical
Quite the gold video, this.

II. 11-30-08 Top 10s of 2008
Decent list.

I. 11-30-08 5 Greatest High Accomplishments
Very impressive.

I. 11-26-08 I Can Has Handshake?
No, you can't, Mr. President. No you can't.

I. 11-24-08 Improve your Youtube
Follow these instructions.

I. 11-12-08 Drive Control
The most ridiculous driving control ever.

I. 11-11-08 Find the #1 Song On This Day in History
...anytime!. When I was born, Phil Collins' "Take A Look at me Now" was rockin Billboard. Huzzah...

I. 11-4-08 God Bless America
It's about time.

I. 10-29-08 Debate Mashup
Heh, must've taken the guy forever to do this.

I. 10-27-08 Dianetics
Got a little postcard brochure in the mail advertising Dianetics. Gotta love scientology for trying to fleece you of crazy amounts of money just to let them teach you to think positive and have good self esteem.

I. 10-24-08 Entrepreneurship
Mark Cuban may be a douche, but sometimes he makes sense. The bit about small business is insightful, as well.

II. 10-23-08 Nature Combat
Some intense stuff. Mouse v snake, leopard v croc. And...not really combat, but Spider v bird and heron eat bunny.

I. 10-23-08 Presidential Dance-Off
Uhhh wow.

I. 10-22-08 Parallels of Jesus and Horus
This page and its nifty chart might just blow your mind.

I. 10-21-08 Victoria Falls
Well, here's something to add to the bucket list.

I. 10-18-08 Freezeframe
Some amusing photos.

I. 10-12-08 Nike - Leave Nothing
The best commercial ever.

I. 9-28-08 Election '08
Just wanted to add some good links relevant to the elections this year.
Ebert's take on the debate. (I watched the whole thing, he is dead on).
What the fictional president Bartlet would offer to Obama as advice (absolutely brilliant).
Tina Fey's impression of Palin during interviews. Fey's performance is less caricature than actual embodiment. But therein lies the problem: this sketch is less a satire of Palin's interview than a reenactment of it. When the source material is already so absurd--as so much of American politics is today--does satire become obsolete? It's scary how true that is.
Krugman's piece about how McCain is completely over his head about economic issues.
The Zakaria piece on Palin.

I. 9-26-08 What Can $700b Buy?
Apparently, a lot. Your tax dollars...not at work. And here's a more entertaining list (albeit not as practical).
Oh, and another summary about the subprime mess, this time from Forbes.

I. 9-25-08 No More Drive Texting
Beginning 1/1/09, drive + text = ticket.

I. 9-21-08 Illusion
One of the better ones I've seen.

I. 9-4-08 Dubai
...and some very good reasons not to live there.

I. 8-23-08 This is an UnNews
Absolutely brilliant.

I. 8-22-08 Michael Phelps Returned to Sea World
All is right in the animal kingdom once again.

I. 8-21-08 Fantastic Contraption
This game is pure awesome.

I. 8-18-08 Sleep Late
It's good for you.

I. 8-1-08 Tree House
Perhaps the greatest ever.

I. 7-25-08 The Devil Riders of Darfur
A story from Sudan not for the faint of heart.

I. 7-18-08 InBev...
...just might give us more options at the bars. Yay.

I. 7-16-08 Oil
Apparently, America's worth ain't shit in comparison to oil fields.

I. 7-6-08 Scientific Approach to Drinking
Sound advice. A few years late...

I. 6-24-08 Matt Harding
Dances around the world. Such great happiness.

I. 6-18-08 Reuters in Iraq
Quality work.

I. 6-11-08 Book Review
Just harsh, haha.

I. 5-27-08 A Mother's Love
Warm fuzzies all around.

I. 5-19-08 Beer Pong Slam Dunk
This video is full of win.

I. 5-18-08 Animal Kingdom Odd Couples
Hah, cute.

I. 5-15-08 World's Largest Pool
Pretty amazing.

I. 5-13-08 Sand Under a 3D Microscope
Quite beautiful.

I. 5-10-08 Holy Water
Yet another reason to hate on mainstream religion...
"Church is on Sundays, but people need something to help them through the week."
"You drink it, and you just feel like you are in church."
"The Formula J' variety carries the image of Jesus in a crown of thorns and the Fatima prayer: "Oh My Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls into heaven, especially those in need of the mercy. Amen."
"Bible Gum promises consumers they can chew their way to spiritual enlightenment. Each box comes with a scripture verse."

Um, this is water. From Santa Ana. Omfg.

I. 5-9-08 Fan Death
Wow, I can't believe I didn't know about this. South Koreans...for the win.

I. 4-27-08 Stephane Ortellis Crash
Holy crap, this is insane. Only a broken ankle!!!

I. 4-13-08 The Real Sumo
Quite ridiculous. Check out the uploader's personal page, there are a whole bunch of them.

II. 4-12-08 Pearls Before Breakfast
Great piece about Joshua Bell's experimental performance.

I. 4-12-08 China, Master of the World
Some hastily assembled conclusions, but an interesting read nonetheless.

I. 4-7-08 Exploit the Negatives
Good post from Waiterrant.
The hurting folk is also solid.

I. 3-31-08 Bacon Flowchart
Quite impressive flowchart, this.

I. 3-27-08 Irvine - Maximum Subprime Mortgage Devastation
Everyone pretty much knows or has at least heard of the subprime mortgage crisis that is totally annihilating the US economy. Irvine is right in the middle of it.

I. 3-18-08 Confused About the Credit Mess?
NYT has a short little article that does a decent job of describing it.

I. 3-16-08 Four Square
Remember this? Awesome.

I. 3-12-08 Food Fight
American-centric warfare from WWII-present. Using food. So amazing.
The battle breakdown. The food breakdown.

I. 3-3-08 How to Cook a Steak Properly
Good to know.

Obama opinion: Economist |NYT

I. 2-25-08 Country Name Etymologies
Pretty interesting.

I. 2-22-08 Street Fighter 4
Some crazy in-game footage. Ahhh first grade nostalgia...

I. 2-18-08 Car of the Future
A skateboard. Crazy. And speaking of cars, Jay Leno's Honda SM600. Awesome.

I. 2-10-08 107,000 Demand Wikipedia Remove Muhammad Image
The real gold is in the comments, tho.
-So why doesn't he just break the fucking pinata and be done with it?
-I'd want it taken down too, if it was revealed that the founder of my religion was actually Pat Morita with a beard.
-That's a depiction of the miracle where Muhammad conjured a special magical chair allowing his mother-in-law to get up and down stairs in spite of her arthritis.
-Why does his audience look so worried? Is that a stick of dynamite he's holding?


I. 2-7-08 "I Could Care Less"
Being a total English language nazi, I always die a little inside when I hear people use the above phrase. Suddenly, I was reading a Fark thread and found this gem. Ohhh so happy right now.

I. 2-6-08 Somethingawful Endorses Hillary
Typical funniness by SA. They're right on the money, by the way.

I. 2-5-08 Stewart vs Colbert vs Conan
Soooooo gold.

I. 2-2-08 Photo Lapse
Rather cool.

I. 1-28-08 New Jersey Douchebags
Solid douchebaggery.

I. 1-14-08 Arty Meals
Pretty cool. Omega-3 oceans, mmm mmmm.

I. 1-6-08 American Gladiators is Backkkkk
Nostalgia factor +++: Powerball, Assault, Eliminator!!!
Now: in HD!!!

I. 1-5-08 Fark Headlines of the Year
Some pretty gold stuff.