I. 12-18-09 7 Foods to Avoid
For the health-conscious.

I. 12-2-09 Communicating Good
Insightful old NPR piece.

I. 11-28-09 Goldman, AIG Coverup
Government + bailout money = fail.

I. 11-20-09 35 Truisms
Interesting enough.

I. 11-2-09 Why I Slept with 1,300 Women
Prostitutes, that is. Interesting.

I. 10-8-09 Actual Mileage Estimates
The government's long-fictional MPG ratings of cars finally has become realistic, so that buyers know what they are purchasing. Beginning with the 2009 model year, realistic numbers are used. For earlier models, you can compare old phony government mileage claims with the realistic MPG numbers here.

I. 9-22-09 50 Tastiest Foods
...and where to get them.

I. 9-8-09 Las Vegas Medical Mafia
Insane story about shady Vegas professionals.

II. 9-2-09 Secrets About Your Dentist
Important info.

I. 9-2-09 Green Ranger --> MMA Fighter
Ohhhh yeah.

I. 8-17-09 How Men and Women Argue
The truth.

I. 7-7-09 Transformers2 Review
Probably the most hilarious review I've ever read. I still enjoyed the movie, though. Mindless robot action for hours, woooo.

I. 7-3-09 Fun Humor Sites to Kill Time
This is why you're fat
, Graphjam, someecards, Garfield minus garfield, texts from last night.

I. 7-1-09 The Great College Hoax
Money machine, it is not.
Also interesting - What is a Master's Degree Worth?

I. 6-22-09 Scientology Defectors Speak
Ahh yes, it was inevitable.

I. 6-17-09 Success and Motivation 09
Just about right.

I. 5-6-09 "Finding Yourself" Is a Crock
Apparently so. I actually disagree with most of this article (Committing to a relationship, getting married and having kids is a "legitimate" way to find yourself? Pssshh), but I do agree that you need to commit to doing something. ANYTHING. For me, it's work and getting busy.

I. 5-5-09 One Nation, Seven Sins
Oh huzzah for lust and the Bible belt.

I. 3-24-09 Legalize Drugs, Please
Yet another article about this.

I. 3-4-09 Half-Court Shot Prank
Amazing prank.

I. 2-24-09 5 Failing "Save the Earth" Techniques
It's a humor site, but still...interesting points.

I. 2-19-09 Personalized Font
Wow, awesome. Gotta do this soon.

I. 1-27-09 National Geographic Photo Galleries
Beautiful work.

I. 1-25-09 Mac N Cheese
Pasta Roni shells and white cheddar is apparently the best boxed mac n cheese out there.

I. 1-24-09 Great Moments in Presidential Speeches
A brilliant little collection here.

I. 1-23-09 Creative Grooming
Poor, poor dogs.

I. 1-22-09 Our National Nightmare
An Onion piece written in January '01, before Bush was inaugurated for his first term. Incredible. Perhaps even understated, if that's possible.

I. 1-1-09 2008 in Pictures
Pretty pretty pretty.