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                                                                    **ANDRE'S SUPER LOBSTER SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D**
Upon discovery of an article featuring a 23lb lobster (larger pic) named "Bubba," I have created this lobster tribute section, featuring cool things about our wonderful ocean roaches!!! Of course, Bubba still isn't as cool as desert lobster!!!
Update: Bubba has DIED!!!! Noooooooooo :*(
Some Lobster Trivia:
- The largest (recorded) lobster caught was 42.4 lbs., had a carapace length of 14.9 inches and a total body length of 24.1 inches.
-A lobster that weighs 3 pounds is approximately 15-20 years old, and a 25-pound lobster would be approximately 75-100 years old. Lobsters grow faster in warm water, however.
-Fishermen have been known to bring in blue (1)(2), yellow, red, and spotted live lobsters. Apparently they also come in Satan.
-Crowded into tight quarters, lobsters become especially cannibalistic, which is why they must be banded in a lobster pound or store displays.
-"She-male" lobsters are known to exist. Hermaphroditic?
-Lobsters can go without food for up to one year at low water temperatures without any change in meat quality or content. A hardshelled, full-meated lobster has energy reserves contained in the hepatopancreas, also known as the digestive gland, or tomalley.
-Mating: When she is ready to molt, the female lobster approaches a male's den and wafts a sex "perfume" called a pheromone in his direction. He responds by fanning the water with his swimmerets, permeating his apartment with her perfume. He emerges from his den with his claws raised aggressively. She responds with a brief boxing match or by turning away. Either attitude seems to work to curb the male's aggression. The female raises her claws and places them on his head to let him know she is ready to mate. They enter the den, and some time after, from a few hours to several days later, the female molts. At this point the male could mate with her or eat her, but he invariably does the noble thing. He gently turns her limp body over onto her back with his walking legs and his mouth parts, being careful not to tear her soft flesh. They mate "with a poignant gentleness that is almost human." She stays in the safety of his den for about a week until her new shell hardens. By then the attraction has passed, and the couple part with hardly a backward glance. Wow.
Some recipe links: One. Two. Three.
Remember - lobsters, shrimp, crabs, and other crustaceans are the cockroaches of the ocean. Cockroaches are insects (Class Hexapoda) and lobsters are decapod crustaceans (Class Crustacea); they are two groups in the same phylum. They are scavengers, and eat almost anything organic. Omg, imagine eating Bubba. That lobster has been around so long that the meat is probably tough and hard, not to mention the damn monster was probably born before WW2 and has scavenged enough crap to the point where there are more toxins in its body than a nuclear waste plant.
Hungry yet? =)

[O-Zone - Dragostea din tei] section - bow before it!!!
First, a little background info about the "O-Zone Craze." Here is the mp3. All following links are flash/video files, and should be *rightclick/save-as*-ed.
Here are some lyrics (with English translations) to sing along with :D
1. The original music video. I'm trying to find a higher quality version.
2. A great spoof featuring some fat dude and his buddies.
3. Japanese spoofs: Zero, One, Two, Three.
4. A great Lego version.
5. Some cover version done by a rock band.
6. A mix-your-own version, and another.
7. An arcade version LOL.
8. Some wackass European guy.
9. Three guys being really gay, not too great.
10. A somewhat twisted WTC version.
11. A Mario version.
If links don't work, I can send the files to you; they're all relatively small.