I. 12-31-06 Financial Tips
Useful for those of us in our early 20s, I'd think. 25 Rules. Job Search Secrets. 7 Shortcuts. 401k flubs. Be a Millionaire. Best Ideas for 07. Guide to Financial Security. Salary Secrets. Where the best 6-figure jobs are.

I. 12-29-06 Baghdad Burning
The latest entry from the most prominent in-Iraq blog. Great article. Depressing article. She's a good writer.
My only conclusion is that the Americans want to withdraw from Iraq, but would like to leave behind a full-fledged civil war because it wouldn't look good if they withdraw and things actually begin to improve, would it? Ohhhh shoot.

I. 12-21-06 Canon in D Rant
Haha, so true, I remember the sheet music.

I. 12-20-06 Genetics of Eye Color Unlocked
Très intéressant.

I. 12-19-06 Language Wars
Languages are dying. Reminds of this little piece on multiculturalism and "The Hispanic Challenge" by Samuel Huntington. Food for thought.

I. 12-15-06 Weapons of the Future
Orbital lasers, active denial systems, oh my.

III. 12-14-06 JibJab Year in Review
Good stuff, as usual.

II. 12-14-06 Goldman Sachs
$50 million bonuses. Wtf. Oh, and a day in the life of an ibanking analyst at UBS sounds like absolute hell.

I. 12-14-06 Mandarin is Music to the Brain
Science says so.

III. 12-13-06 Best of Craigslist
I just discovered it, and it's fantastic. Full of rants, lamentations, anecdotes that are either well-written or compensate by being flat-out hilarious.
Some of my favorites that I read today, by category - Rants: Frustrated woman, Advice for w4m, Profile pet peeves, Overlooked woman, Cereal, Have a happy period, Angry landlord, Nice guys suck, Waitress, Sorting CL men, Vet info, Bedbugs, Breeding dogs Anecdotal/funny: Urinater, Alaska men, Messing with a Nigerian scammer, Single biology student, Paranoid about penis, Little Chinese women, Sleeping with the enemy, Girls I have dated, Subaru sex, Goodbye kitty, Ghost  Quality thinking/writing: Proper Christian, Ex-lawyer.
Yes, I read each one under the "best of" category dating back to August. And it was worth every minute.

II. 12-13-06 15 Best Places to Waste Time Online
Here's to procrastination for hours...

I. 12-13-06 Time's Best of 2006
Best photos, that is.

I. 12-12-06 Top 10 Political Quotes of 06
Mostly the usual suspects.

I. 12-11-06 Mathematics
Can never go wrong with velociraptors.

II. 12-9-06 Overheard in New York
Haha, gotta love our fellow Americans.

I. 12-9-06 AOL Woes
Haha, audio of someone trying to cancel their AOL account. Ridiculous.
"Can I speak with your father?" lol
This response to Verizon's exit survey is great, too.

II. 12-7-06 James Kim's Path
Poor guy went in a big circle. Background story if you didn't already know. Dripping wet, in freezing snowy conditions, wandering through a canyon...

I. 12-7-06 Early Images
Ahhh nostalgia.

I. 12-3-06 Post-Rapture Card
Send one to your friends!

II. 12-2-06 Top 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You
In order from 10 to 1: Beer (cardiovascular function), Anger (in moderation, lol), Coffee (antioxidants, wtf), LSD (!!!!!!!), Sunlight, Maggots (FDA approved, wthax), Marijuana (fights Alzheimer's, aha), Red Wine (anti-cancer, antioxidant), Chocolate (high-cocoa variants are high in antioxidants), Sex (reduces stress, lowers cholesterol, improves circulation).

I. 12-2-06 Haxor
Trace any IP address!

II. 12-1-06 Hot Doug's
Anyone wanna go to Chicago so we can order everything on this menu?! Brown Ale and Chipotle Buffalo Sausage with La Fin du Monde Mustard and Oak Smoked Cheddar Cheese. Ribeye Steak Sausage with Horseradish Cream Sauce and Caramelized Onions. Smoked Crayfish and Pork Sausage with Creole Mustard and Crumbled Blue Cheese. Cognac-Infused Smoked Pheasant Sausage with Truffle Sauce Moutarde and Goat Cheese. Duck fat fries. omfg?!

I. 12-1-06 Recalled Foods
Some interesting items, including "Chernobyl Valley Spring Water." Haha, gotta love SA.
Oh, and happy December.

II. 11-29-06 Stay the Course!
Bush says we're staying until the mission is accomplished. Heh, say what?

I. 11-29-06 Juiceball
If only real golf was this interesting. Especially the jello blob.

I. 11-26-06 NY Pizza
I found a recipe for a perfect New York-style pizza. Who wants to make one?!

I. 11-22-06 Car of the Year
Surprise surprise. Not really. Pwn.

I. 11-18-06 Dice Stacking
Oooooomg wtf!!!

I. 11-15-06 Red Meat = Cancer
I wasn't kidding about the wackness of hormones in beef...
Women who ate large amounts of red meat were more than twice as likely to suffer hormone-related breast cancer, researchers found. Chemicals added during meat processing or growth hormones given to cattle may be to blame, they speculate.

I. 11-13-06 It's Coming...
Harold and Kumar part deux!

II. 11-11-06 Reliability
Consumer Reports' most reliable cars. Seriously, why can't the Germans make reliable cars?

I. 11-11-06 Kiwi!
Awwwww poor bird. Though you have to wonder at the end: if the bird was clever enough to complete that whole setup, why didn't he use a bungee cord? Whatever. Quality vid.

I. 11-9-06 Colbert Calls the Election
This clip is right up there with the all time greatest segments from his show.

I. 11-8-06 Post-Election
They lost the House. They're probably going to lose the Senate. They no longer control the agenda. Or the committees. Or judicial approval. And now there can be a crapload of investigations into the illegal activities that were brushed under the carpet by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and co. What a day for America.
Oh man, seeing Bush's speech was really somethin' else. He had this crestfallen look about him that almost made you feel sorry for him. Just two days ago he repeatedly said, in public, that if Democrats win the terrorists win. Today: "it's time to work together." What a tool. One can only imagine what kind of gloating speech he would have given if his party had retained both chambers.
Funny post on a Fark forum:
As a liberal in a Republican country, a thought occurs to me. Y'know... for quite nearly a decade now, I've been told, "you lost, get over it." Furthermore, the SECOND time Bush won, I distinctly remember quite a bit of "it's a mandate" and "you thought what we did before was bad? Check THIS shiat out!" Now that the Democrats have power, I'm hearing "don't screw it up" and "don't make waves."
fark. that. shiat.
I am TIRED of being the bigger man in all this. You Bible thumping Jesus freaks have been rubbing your pale, Southern dicks in our faces for years now. fark you. By the time this is all over, I want to see the damn homosexual/Atheist/pro-abortion agendas reach critical mass. I want god damned storm troopers in pink armor with rainbow badges forcing you to burn your damn Bibles while eating your BBQ'd fetuses right in front of you. And if you don't like it, you're a terrorist sympathizer! Hahahahaahah! -

II. 11-6-06 Scary Country We Live In
Some more good writing (I bolded certain parts). Did you know that 44% of Americans are certain that Jesus will return in the next 50 years? Wow.
One of the lines in the first paragraph mentions something incredibly obvious that I've never thought of before: We know what the speed of light is. 1 light year = the distance light travels in one year. So, that huge majority of people (and the so-called "scientists" who try to provide them "scientific" data) who believe that the universe was created 6,000 years ago must logically believe that the light we see on Earth from stars and galaxies millions of light years away must have been created by God in the middle of space and fired at our planet, right? Because if the universe is really 6,000 years old, shouldn't we be seeing a much blacker, devoid-of-light night sky? Wouldn't our species not even know about the existence of various galaxies until the year, say...994,000A.D.? Wow, this must mean that all those celestial objects our astronomers have found are just light-tricks that the universe is playing on us!...or something.

I did a little googling, and found a creation scientist's explanation:
Lisle suggests that perhaps the speed of light was not constant over time and that when God created the universe it was so much faster that it could travel across nearly 14 billion light years to arrive at the earth by Day 4 of Creation. He does acknowledge that if the speed of light had been significantly greater in the past, there would have been dramatic changes in the energy and mass of everything in the universe. Remember Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 (Energy = mass multiplied by speed of light squared).
Lisle also offers "gravitational time dilation" as a possible solution to the distant starlight problem. He claims that the Milky Way might really be the center of the universe and thus at the bottom of a deep universal gravity well. In which case time would pass much more slowly in our galaxy—perhaps only thousands of years elapsed on earth while billions of years of physical processes occur in the universe. Something like the above scenarios must have happened because according to Lisle, "We know from the Bible that the light got here in thousands of years."
Just wow.

The article ends with a succinct question: Considering the earnest arguments of creationists presented above, ask yourself which sounds more mythical—that the universe really is billions of years old or that it is 6,000 years old but was created to look just like it is billions of years old? Heh.

Some other scary stats:

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. Sept. 8-11, 2005. N=1,005 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.
"Which of the following statements comes closest to your views on the origin and development of human beings? Human beings have evolved over millions of years from other forms of life and God guided this process. Human beings have evolved over millions of years from other forms of life, but God had no part in this process. OR, God created human beings in their present form exactly the way the Bible describes it."
Evolved, God Guided 31%
Evolved, God Had No Part 12%
Exactly As Bible Describes 53%
Other (vol.) 1%
Unsure 3%
Haha, I love America.

I. 11-6-06 The Difference Two Years Makes
Outstanding editorial by the New York Times, from beginning to end. I hope people with reason wake up and vote this Tuesday. Especially the ones that live in states where congressional seats are held by Republicans. Even political gridlock for the next two years until the 08 presidential election would be better than the continued self-destruction of our nation if these clowns keep office. Sadly, I think somehow they will...

I. 11-5-06 Bye Saddam
Death awaits. Via a rope.

II. 11-5-06 Paintballs
How they're made (video). Interesting.

I. 11-4-06 Crappy Recruiting
Not like this is surprising or anything, but Army recruiters are now telling kids that the Iraq war is over.

II. 10-31-06 Free Hug Campaign
One guy starts it in Australia, and a worldwide movement ensues. Mmm warm fuzzy feeling.

I. 10-31-06 Mr. Blobby
Mr. Blobby is a fathead, and wishes you a happy Halloween.

I. 10-30-06 Orange Counties
Am I the only one who didn't know that there are seven other OCs in addition to ours?
And did you know that the population of Orange County, CA (3,056,865), is bigger than that of the entire populations of Iowa, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, West Virginia, Nebraska, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming? Haha, it's random things like this that make me keep reading Wikipedia for hours on end. Well, that and unemployment =(

II. 10-28-06 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Wow, cutest dog ever.

I. 10-28-06 Lucid Dreaming
Well, I already keep a dreamlog, so I suppose I'm halfway there.

I. 10-27-06 Bush Has Name Issues
I'm sure the candidate appreciated the support nonetheless, haha.
He helped raise $400,000 for the state Republican Party and congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti. The president mistakenly referred to Lamberti as "Dave" throughout his speech.

I. 10-26-06 Real or Fake?
I scored 18/20, but I don't suppose spotting genuine smiles makes me any better of a poker player.

II. 10-21-06 Waterfall Ice Climbing
Mega extreme.

I. 10-21-06 Lords of Logistics
I guess when you don't have cars, you improvise...

I. 10-18-06 Live Watering Hole Camera
From Africa!

II. 10-11-06 Colbert Green Screen Montage
A finer piece of video compilation work was never made. The best part starts at the 48 second mark.

I. 10-11-06 Coldblooded Fark
A thread featuring one-liners discussing the death of Corey Lidle, the Yankees pitcher who crashed his plane into a NY highrise today. Well, I guess I could do all the work and spare you the need to read the whole thread (and might as well add asterisks to the best ones):
Why do the New York Yankees hate America?
*Yankees continue to crash and burn on New York.
At least the Yankees payroll is under $200 million now.
I'd rather fly a CS-20 with Cory Lidle than go hunting with Dick Cheney.
Well...at least he can hit something with a plane.
*Wow. I had him on my fantasy baseball team. Good thing I just traded him...
*High and inside.
Well, at least the bronx bombers are living up to their nickname again.
*Geez, when I said I wanted the Yankees to DIAF I was just kidding.
Stealing headlines from the Mets again?
*Bush is planning to attack the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in response.
He's going to be pitching heat now......with a fork...
An eyewitness said he saw the plane fall out of the sky in a zig-zag pattern. Was Cory Lidle a knuckleballer?
Damn, you would have thought he would have used a pinch flyer.
*If A-Rod was in the plane they wouldn't have hit anything...
That's how you do it, T.O.
I've heard, but is it true, that right before you die you void your contract?
*I think it's clear to all of us that we now need to vote Republican.
*Of course. Do you think the Democrats can protect America from the Yankees?
BREAKING NEWS: Corey Lidle traded to the Angels.
*Al Qaeda is not impressed, they have done better.... And they are an away team!
*If only Chuck Norris were there to roundhouse kick the building out of the way.
For the first time, ESPN's highlights of the night will feature a pitcher crashing into a wall.
Technically speaking, the building is awarded first base, right?

II. 10-9-06 Hiking
I'm reluctant to end my year's adventures with biking around Taiwan. Anybody want to go hike? I hear it's gorgeous this time of year.

I. 10-9-06 Letter From a Marine Officer
In Iraq. Tugs at the heartstrings. Good writing, too - the author was verified, though he/she wishes to remain anonymous. I especially love the comment about the talking heads, and the Chuck Norris reference. Heh.

I. 10-7-06 More Truth From Olbermann
Who just might be America's best newsman.

I. 10-6-06 Star Wars vs Star Trek
In five minutes. Total geektastic.

III. 9-29-06 Hell Doesn't Exist
PSA: There is no hell. The Bible doesn't even endorse it.

II. 9-29-06 History of the Middle East in 90 Seconds
Pretty cool, flash animation style.

I. 9-29-06 Border Beach Volleyball
Anyone care to head down to San Diego for some international volleyball?
Hoff suddenly wonders if hitting the ball back and forth constitutes a violation of U.S. Customs law, since goods are technically being transported across an international border. “Does a nice volley amount to three strikes? Can we all get thrown in the slammer?”

I. 9-28-06 Clouds
Badass pictures. Pretty wicked videos, too, particularly the one labeled "Video / Lightening"

II. 9-27-06 Jesus Camp
Perhaps the most frightening trailer ever. Seriously. Little kids having demon-cleansing seizures on the ground, a boy talking about how he was "saved at five years old because he wanted more out of life"...HAHA. You know, because when you live in Jesus Camp town, you've seen just about everything in life by age five and want more, right? Poor, poor children.
Some trailer highlights:
"I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag..." - A group of children.
"There are two kinds of people in this world; People who love Jesus, and people who don't." - A supporter
"This means war! This means war! Are you a part of it or not?!" - Pastor Beki Fisher
And that's just from the trailer! Who the hell is this Beki Fisher guy, omfg.

I. 9-27-06 Laguna Street Race
Parents - don't buy your kids late-model BMW M3s unless you either 1)fork out the dough to send them to driving school that teaches them to do more than just drive a slow loop around the DMV, or 2)are absolutely certain they don't race on streets. Otherwise, the aftermath may result in you finding yourself short a kid in addition to $50,000. Oh, and getting a phone call saying that your kid killed himself by crashing into a fire hydrant, flying, and landing upside down can't be that pleasant of an experience, either. Not to mention dealing with the parents of the two girls in his car that were hospitalized with bad injuries.
 Sigh. What a waste of a good car.

III. 9-26-06 New Baptist
Judging by the intro flash...this must be the most intense church EVER. This one comes a close second, though. Hahahah. All they need now is a Las Vegas boxing announcer yelling ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLLLLLLEEEEE!?!!??!?

II. 9-26-06 Liver Disease Drug!
There's hope for us all. Huzzah.

I. 9-26-06 Biggest Hole in the World
Diamond mine. In Siberia. Go figure.

I. 9-25-06 Little Superstar
Ummmmm WTF.

I. 9-22-06 Yahoo is buying Facebook
For a BILLION dollars. Mark Zuckerberg (the guy who started facebook) is going to be insanely rich. And he's 22!

I. 9-21-06 Hamster's OK
Richard Hammond crashed at ridiculous speeds, but he'll probably be okay despite the brain injury. I have a nagging suspicion that everyone would have rather seen Jeremy eat it at high speed. Clarkson has a good take on it, too.

I. 8-19-06 Snakes on a Plane
Everything I hoped for, and more. Watch it - this is the movie of the year. Of course, it will be less enjoyable if for some reason you haven't found out why the movie is titled what it is, or if you watch it in a small theater that's half full. It might help to know which line to look forward to, too (hint: MUTHAF*CKIN SNAKES...!!!)

I. 8-12-06 Colbert "On Notice" Customization
Now you can make your own on notice board! Here's mine...

II. 8-10-06 The 1st Colbert Report
With the best "The Word" segment ever! Also might be the funniest episode ever, from the Word at the beginning to Stone Phillips and Chewbacca at the end.
These diapers don't run! - ahaha. Oh, and James Brady was shot in the head during the attempted Reagan assassination. Just fyi.

I. 8-10-06 God's Obituary
From a 12/1999 issue of the Economist. Interesting read.

I. 8-7-06 Miami Vice
Don't watch this movie unless you: A) Enjoy wasting money B) Enjoy being very bored in a theater for two hours C) Are really really drunk and/or high. The Walker-esque unintentional comedy is there, but not worth it. Believe me.

II. 8-6-06 Stewart Post-9/11 Comments
Quality material.

I. 8-6-06 Global Warming Beer
Heh, wish they would add this to the Yardhouse tap.

I. 8-3-06 Will Ferrell + Daily Show
For the win.

IV. 8-2-06 Genographic Project
On 2-22, I linked this project of National Geographic's. Now I've scraped my cheeks and am awaiting the data! Pwn. You should do it, too - you become part of a big database, help scientific research, and learn about thousands of years of your family history! All for a nominal fee of $100, haha.

III. 8-2-06 Colbert Report + Wikipedia = Wikiality
Two of my favorite things together! <3
Reality has a liberal bias, an inconvenient tusk, definitions will greet us as liberators, ahahahaha. Bob Jones University is a fundamentalist Christian college, btw.

II. 8-2-06 Your Odds
If you've ever wondered about the odds of dying via falling coconut (among other things), here you are.

I. 8-2-06 Digital Hallucinogen
Oh wow. Just follow the instructions (make sure you fullscreen it). After watching the clip, look around your room at random objects. Pwn. The minute or so of waiting time while focusing on the center of the screen is well worth it. If you've never had shrooms, the aftermatch of watching this short clip is like a 15-second light sample.

I. 7-31-06 Flying Spaghetti Monster Hatemail
Haha, some great stuff (in response to Flying Spaghetti Monster). A few excerpts of Christian compassion:
"I hope you die in a lake of fire and get your eyes pecked out by crows"
-If you question things your are a tool of Satan. You don't need to question, God does all the thinking for us; he actually has a degree in Philosophy. Abortion is wrong, it says so in the bible, I dare you to go look it up- you probably won't find it, but that's just because your gay, which is also wrong- it says so in the Bible. Now some of us will be wondering the justification for that moral assertion, but remember the Bible is flawless- it says so in the Bible.
(this one is probably too insane to be real, I hope)
-So you're depressed. writing about your fake, gay loving man whore god. to get attention. all its gonna get you is a foot so far up your a** your gonna have ingrown toenails growin out your ears. you need to stop this stuff. all you're doing is getting yourself closer and closer and closer. to hell. not heaven. not paradise. not getting laid. not having children. not having a penis. nothing. shut the heck up already. no one likes you..except your gay friends who believe all this stupid crap.

-There is such thing as Jesus and you need Him really really bad not making fun of you but honesty you do need now if you have a holy bible king james version then i want to ask you to turn to genesis 1:1 in the beginning god created the heaven and earth. now where in the bible dose it say that spaghetti monsters created to earth now read all of you say you have evidence of the spaghetti creating to universe but i dont really think you do so if you want to learn more about how the universe was created then wmail me back Rember this Jesus loves you even if you dont think so he here for you and dont be stupid.

III. 7-30-06 <3 Al Gore 08?
Cmon, Gore, win a presidential election a second time and actually find yourself in the White House this time!

II. 7-30-06 High Fructose Corn Syrup...
...which you find on ingredients labels everywhere, is really bad for you.
Recent data shows that large amounts of fructose cause insulin resistance, impair glucose tolerance, produce high levels of insulin, raise triglycerides, and cause high blood pressure...in addition to keeping you eating and eating and eating without feeling full and convincing your brain you're still hungry. Cheers.

I. 7-30-06 8th Grade Science
Can you pass? Kind of a shittily-made quiz, with "skis" being misspelled and "neutron" being spelled as "neuron," but hey, it's a science quiz. I smiled when I got 8. What a nerd.

I. 7-28-06 Hard Gay Compendium
Excellent, no need to scour youtube when someone has done it for us : )

II. 7-27-06 Silent Library #2
Back in action, heh.

I. 7-27-06 Tape Cat
Ummm right.

II. 7-24-06 More National Parks
Care for a trip, anyone?

I. 7-24-06 Young World Leaders
A blast from the past.

II. 7-20-06 Milky Way Center
Take a moment out of your day to feel very very small. It takes nine years to even get a space probe from Earth to Pluto at the edge of our solar system, which is focused around our sun - one star. There are billions upon billions upon billions of galaxies in the universe, each made up of millions (and often billions) of stars. Can you even imagine counting to a million, never mind a billion (a THOUSAND million)? The number of stars in the universe far outnumbers how many grains of sand there are on Earth. The center of our Milky Way Galaxy is 30,000 light-years away from Earth, meaning that even traveling at the speed of light, it would take thirty thousand years to reach if we left Earth today. That's 205,052,493,438,320,200 miles, or 330,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers (1 light year = 10 trillion kilometers). And that's not even a speck of distance in the big picture. So humbling, this insignificance. So very humbling.

I. 7-20-06 HL2 Portal Minigame
Sure looks like fun.

I. 7-18-06 Lotto Woes
If you ever win the lottery, try to be smarter than this guy.
Last year, while battling the Internal Revenue Service over back taxes on his lottery winnings, he filed bankruptcy to save the smaller house he had left. He is a stay-at-home dad again and plays the Florida Lottery every week, betting on those same numbers that struck it big in Arizona.

IV. 7-13-06 Jiffy Lube
Your best bet is not to go to any Jiffy Lube for anything. It's likely you'll be getting screwed one way or another.

III. 7-13-06 Destroying the Earth
Just in case you were thinking about figuring out how to actually do it.

II. 7-13-06 Rainbow Lightning
Yeah, these are probably the coolest pictures you're going to see today.

I. 7-13-06 Zidane
Yeah, we all know it was a lack of self control, but he can be forgiven because it spawned this!

I. 7-12-06 Tupac
I guess he really was ahead of his time.

I. 6-23-06 Japanese Snow Tricks
Will this culture ever cease to come up with completely insane TV material? (Wait for the rocket chair near the end)

I. 6-22-06 Centipedes Again
This time, they're hunting bats.

II. 6-19-06 Donuts
And you thought doing these in a car was cool.

I. 6-19-06 Seed Vault
Norway is taking the initiative to save the world's crops. Rock on.

II. 6-11-06 Drinking Games
Ahhhh yes, Wikipedia comes through again with another batch of useful articles.

I. 6-11-06 Power Rankings
Here at the top 10 countries in the history of the world, according to a few guys. Accurate? Eh...maybe.

I. 6-8-06 The 86 Rules of Boozing
Follow them and achieve...infinite sophistication?

IV. 6-5-06 Power Rangers, Bitch!
From the people that brought you Juggernaut, here is Power Rangers!!!

III. 6-5-06 Genghis Kahn's Descendant; Oxford Ancestors
This guy hasn't quite followed in his footsteps, though. Heh.
The article took me to this place, which, for £195/$365, you can map your genetic history. I wish I had that kind of money lying around.

II. 6-5-06 JSF F-35 Anatomy
Ever wanted to see the innards of a $60million dollar fighter plane?

I. 6-5-06 Big Cabbage
I want this for my hotpot.

VI. 6-3-06 Shakespeare = Supreme Editor of the English Language

V. 6-3-06 Would You Take the Money?
Heh, I've never seen British reality TV before (or much of any reality show anywhere, for that matter), but this was pretty clever. Btw,
£10,000 = $18,815.91 as of today. That's a car right there.

IV. 6-3-06 O'Reilly pwned regarding Malmedy
This isn't anything novel; just another tidbit on top of a mountain of evidence that Bill O'Reilly is the worst human being on earth.

III. 6-3-06 Walken - Snakes on a Plane
Heh, good stuff featuring material from what will be the movie of the year.

II. 6-3-06 Ghetto
This clip just might be the worst thing I've ever seen on the internet (and that's pretty bad).

I. 6-3-06 2004 Election
Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but this article (extremely well-researched) provides insane amounts of data that backing the opinion that Bush and his cronies literally stole the 2004 election and in reality, did not win enough votes for the presidency at all. Some highlights:
Puzzled by the discrepancies, Freeman laboriously examined the raw polling data released by Edison/Mitofsky in January 2005. ‘’I'm not even political — I despise the Democrats,'’ he says. ‘’I'm a survey expert. I got into this because I was mystified about how the exit polls could have been so wrong.'’ In his forthcoming book, Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? Exit Polls, Election Fraud, and the Official Count, Freeman lays out a statistical analysis of the polls that is deeply troubling.
In Ohio (whose electoral votes were the deciding factor)...
In twenty-two of those precincts — nearly half of those polled — they discovered results that differed widely from the official tally. Once again — against all odds — the widespread discrepancies were stacked massively in Bush’s favor: In only two of the suspect twenty-two precincts did the disparity benefit Kerry. The wildest discrepancy came from the precinct Mitofsky numbered ‘’27,'’ in order to protect the anonymity of those surveyed. According to the exit poll, Kerry should have received sixty-seven percent of the vote in this precinct. Yet the certified tally gave him only thirty-eight percent. The statistical odds against such a variance are just shy of one in 3 billion.

Even if you don't know anything about statistics or rejecting a null hypothesis at the .01 level, that is CRAZY. And it's barely even the tip of the iceberg. Seriously, god stopped blessing America six years ago when Chimpy McFlightsuit took office.

III. 5-29-06 Just Another Iraqi Day...
Don't you hate it when you think you almost got away with killing twenty-something unarmed people execution style, only to have pictures of the dead women and kids that you shot surface in the American media months later? Meh, at least the Iraqis don't have to worry about dying in horrible ways now that Saddam's gone, right? Oh wait...

II. 5-29-06 Sushi Picking Guide
You know, to avoid the nasty Nigiri and whatnot.

I. 5-29-06 Angstonizer
For all you high school kids out there...

I. 5-28-06 Jabbawockies
These people sure know how to dance in tandem.

II. 5-27-06 Every action...
...has an equal and opposite reaction? (it makes sense at the end)

I. 5-27-06 Nebraska, anyone?
For some storm chasing. Amazing pics.

I. 5-24-06 Lego Rave
Party on, party on.

I. 5-22-06 Chinese Rap
This just might be one of the worst things to come out of UCI. Yet...I cannot tear my eyes away from the screen. Unnerving.

II. 5-21-06 LSD Art
I think LSD 25 is no longer available anywhere...but I'd sure love to try if I could come up with something like these.

I. 5-21-06 Ibiza
Would someone like to go $3k in debt and go party in Ibiza with me for a month? Mmmmm....

I. 5-19-06 Silent Library
Would a few of you guys like to go play a game with me in the library? :D

I. 5-13-06 Exit Exam Terminated
Yes, the exam that tests graduating seniors (12th graders) in 8th grade math and 9th grade English has been scrapped due to too many students failing. You know - blame the creators of the test, not the school curriculums or the students.
My high school diploma is already worth about as much as an interview opportunity at McD. Now it's probably about as valuable as a placemat.
This year's 12th-graders were the first class to face the testing requirement, which includes a section of eighth-grade math and another of ninth- and 10th-grade English. Students are required to answer little more than half of the questions correctly and can take the test multiple times. Students with learning disabilities were exempted from the test.
It would be a complete travesty to let students think they failed, right? YOU ARE ALL STARS!!11!1!!! At least now the ones that failed will feel good about themselves.

II. 5-12-06 Interview Gone Wrong
Oh god, this is one of the worst things I've ever seen. (NSFW)

I. 5-12-06 Party Dorm
Wow, the greatest dorm room ever (with video of activation).

III. 5-10-06 Super Smash Brothers Brawl
For the Nintendo Wii. It looks beyond insane.

II. 5-10-06 Chuck Norris' Karate Kommandos
Saw this show on adult swim. I guess Chuck Norris really does epitomize the "so bad, it's good" description. Here's the intro to the show. If you think that's bad...you ain't seen nothin yet.

I. 5-10-06 Chevy Nova
All those stories you heard about the Nova and foreign markets are false.

I. 5-8-06 Immigration
Probably the most intelligent thing about illegal immigration in a while. Leave it to the cartoons.

I. 5-6-06 Four Second Fury, Robot Swinging
This game rocks my world. There's even a boss fight.
And if that isn't enough fun, here's a game that's even better.

I. 5-3-06 The Science Behind Traffic Jams
All makes perfect sense, really.

I. 4-29-06 Aphex Twin
This is probably the weirdest MV I've seen in a loooong time.

I. 4-28-06 Shut Down America!
Illegal immigrants are apparently planning to shut down America on May 1 by not working. All aboard the crazy train!

I. 4-27-06 Gatorade Conspiracy
Put your tinfoil hats on before you read this.

I. 4-26-06 Chernobyl is Depressing
Yeah, here's your downer for the day (too bad the commentary sucks).
Ah, why not another dose of depression while we're at it?

I. 4-24-06 Crazy Tech
Our soldiers can now be dolphins!

I. 4-16-06 Science Questions You Should Know
According to Nobel Laureates.

III. 4-14-06 New GTR
The new Skyline is coming to the US in 2008. Twin turbo, 6-cylinder, AWD. Oh, and it looks CRAZY.

II. 4-14-06 Titanic 2: Jack is Back!
Haha, brilliant! Someone has a lot of time and creativity.

I. 4-14-06 God Bless Socal
Home of the late night munchie supreme.

I. 4-11-06 Real-Life Starcraft
I think Walker, Texas Ranger just got one-upped in terms of "So bad, it's good." Probably funny only if you've played the game.

I. 4-10-06 Conan Plays 1864 Baseball
Haha, intense.

I. 4-6-06 D&B
Just a word about the location at Spectrum. There is VERY LITTLE COKE in the Coke/151. Wow. Wow.

I. 4-5-06 GM vs Toyota
The numbers. Wow.

I. 4-4-06 The Awesome Deferred
Other things that could have been spent $250 billion on besides the Iraq War. Quality material from SA, as usual.

II. 4-3-06 Remind Me
Yay, a quality music video.

I. 4-3-06 Toyota Commercial
Maybe this is really funny to me only because it's 4am, but har har, chuckle chuckle.
My last quarter of undergrad begins today : (

I. 3-30-06 Blingin' Outta Control
With picture rims...

I. 3-29-06 Tarantula Time
Ohhhh the carnage. Insane.

3-28-06 Centipede Attack
Okay...time for some OMFG. And then...some MORE. asld;jfk;alwkefa;lwkef;lawkjf

3-26-06 Global Warming...
...is going to kick our asses. Polar bears drowning, salmon spawning grounds being annihilated, melting ice caps...it's Waterworld time.

II. 3-22-06 How to Spot Political Beliefs at Childhood
Heh, this is interesting.
There's no reason to think political bias skewed the ratings — the investigators were not looking at political orientation back then. Even if they had been, it's unlikely that 3- and 4-year-olds would have had much idea about their political leanings.
A few decades later, Block followed up with more surveys, looking again at personality, and this time at politics, too. The whiny kids tended to grow up conservative, and turned into rigid young adults who hewed closely to traditional gender roles and were uncomfortable with ambiguity.
The confident kids turned out liberal and were still hanging loose, turning into bright, non-conforming adults with wide interests. The girls were still outgoing, but the young men tended to turn a little introspective.
He reasons that insecure kids look for the reassurance provided by tradition and authority, and find it in conservative politics. The more confident kids are eager to explore alternatives to the way things are, and find liberal politics more congenial.

I. 3-22-06 Bar Sweep
Yeah, Texas sucks. Now you can be arrested for public intoxication IN A BAR.
"Going to a bar is not an opportunity to go get drunk," TABC Capt. David Alexander said. "It's to have a good time but not to get drunk." And the reason people have a good time at bars has NOTHING to do with being drunk, right? Dumbass.

I. 3-21-06 Asian American Idol?
When I first saw this I was skeptical, but these people are actually GOOD! Pete Nguyen is my personal favorite (he wrote his own song!), followed by Next Phaze and Jeanie Cha. Next Phaze isn't a solo act, which seems...unfair? Heh. They're totally dominating the votes, though.

I. 3-18-06 Owls...
I got tired of having to click six times to view my favorite owl captions, so I made a montage...

I. 3-15-06 Jessica Simpson snubs Bush
Aha, pwned.

IV. 3-11-06 Tasmanian Crayfish
One meter long. Freshwater lobsters ftwwww.

III. 3-11-06 Separation of Church and State...
...has been shitted on...to the sum of $2.15 billion. Cheers, America.

II. 3-11-06 Vernon Robinson for Congress
I can't believe this is for real. Sigh, I hate people again.

I. 3-11-06 Suicide Club
It's growing... Darwin strikes again?

II. 3-07-06 Furry Lobster!!!
This discovery makes me oh so happy...

I. 3-07-06 Simpsons
Woa woa woa, a live action Simpsons intro.

I. 3-05-06 Back to the Future MV
Hoorah, a tribute.

I. 3-02-06 Fun Test
I highly doubt this is a quantitative assessment of intelligence, but it's fun. I am missing 5, 14, 19, 23, 30, 31, 33. Argh.

I. 3-01-06 Spore
This just might be the greatest game EVER. It starts so simple...and then...oh, the madness.

II. 2-27-06 Are You Gay and Don't Want to Be?
Omfg, only in the South.

I. 2-27-06 Black and White Twins
Against all odds? Awesome.

I. 2-25-06 Stanislav Petrov Saved Your Life
And possibly, the world. Shame he lives in near-poverty on a little pension and lost his career for doing the right thing.

II. 2-24-06 Juggernaut, Bitch!
Bastardizing X-Men at its best.

I. 2-24-06 UNC Students Dash and Die
How not to spend your dorm year(s). Darwin wins the dash.

I. 2-22-06 The Genographic Project
I read about this a while ago, but it seems to be getting more exposure recently, including CNN. Fascinating. It contributes to the study of where human beings come from, and the people running the study are hoping to get hundreds of thousands of people to do it to help create a map of the human experience over thousands of years, tracing the path everyone's ancestors took over tens of thousands of years (starting in Africa, moving North, splitting off to the East, North, Europe, Americans, etc). It's incredible that people can even do this. And all you do is swab the inside of your cheek with a q-tip type thing and send it in for DNA analysis, and a short while after you get information regarding where your distant ancestors began, migrated across various continents, and eventually led to you. Unfortunately, it costs $100, which is a bit steep for a college student with no job and funds that are all but completely dry. Once I have some more money, though, I'm definitely doing this.

I. 2-21-06 Rate Your Life
Short little survey. How are you doing?

I. 2-20-06 Tornado Kick
Yow, imagine if this happened to a guy without headgear. He'd probably be in outer space.

II. 2-19-06 Big Eye in the Sky
Some cool panoramas.

I. 2-19-06 62-year old Mom
Janise Wulf gave birth to her 12th child. She is also a grandmother of 20 and a great-grandmother of three.
Imagine being an uncle to 20+ people older than you. And your mom being 80+ when you graduate high school (if she's still alive). And all the other million things that makes this story ridiculous. Uggghhhhh.

I. 2-14-06 Daily Show Cheney Edition
So a few days ago the Vice President of the United States shot his 78 year old friend with a shotgun. But that's not what makes it great. It's the commentary <3

II. 2-9-06 Bunny
Not sure if this rabbit is for real, but if it is, I want to ride it.

I. 2-9-06 Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama
Yeah, this is just about the most absurd fight I've ever seen.

2-6-06 Jigglypuff
Ohhhhh helllll no.

2-6-06 USB Drives
Errrrr yeah.

I. 2-5-06 Chillow Pillow
Woa woa woa what's this? I don't think it's novel enough to replace my tempur-pedic, though <3

II. 2-3-06 Ferry Sinks in the Red Sea
Where's Moses when you need him?

I. 2-3-06 Train the Goldfish
Too crazy. Too crazy.

I. 2-2-06 Confessions of a Car Salesman
A good read about something we're all probably going to have to deal with at one point or another.

I. 2-1-06 Snow
Even Hawaii gets more snow than we do. omfg.

I. 1-29-06 Cuteness Overload
To the extreme. Little animals galore, oh my oh my.

I. 1-27-06 In'N'Out 100x100
WWWWWWWTF. Drunk guys + Vegas = 100x100

I. 1-26-06 Advice Site
Some funny stuff here.

II. 1-25-06 Moonwalking Bird
Get your slide on.

I. 1-25-06 Conspiracy Madness
Some truly frightening, thought-provoking stuff. I'm not too big on conspiracy theories in the first place, but these are intriguing (and long, btw).
9/11 |JFK

I. 1-23-06 Hasselhoff
Crackass video.
Get hooked.

II. 1-20-06 Spelling Skills
How are yours? I got pwned by #7 : (

I. 1-20-06 Slanket
Get me one of these!!!!!

I. 1-19-06 Beer Widgets
Ever wonder what that little thing in Guinness bottles does? It's filled with liquid nitrogen, and helps create the head!
When you open the can, the pressure inside immediately drops, the compressed gas inside the sphere quickly forces the beer out through the tiny hole into the can. As the beer rushes through the tiny hole, this agitation causes the CO
2 that is dissolved in the beer to form tiny bubbles that rise to the surface of the beer.
By the way - the song by Nikkfurie in the downloads section above kicks ass.

II. 1-15-06 Pigeon Feeding
Warning: due to overfeeding some pigeons can become aggressive. Hahahaha.

I. 1-15-06 Super Mario 64 Speed Attack
Pretty crazy to watch, especially if you're already good at the game and know the kinds of tricks and jumps he's executing. Too bad it was done on an emulator with a 26,109 re-record count (omfg!?!?!?!) so the guy playing actually isn't ridiculously good beyond all human understanding, but it's still mega cool to see.
More info at: Tool Assisted Console Game Movies

1-14-06 Old People Fun
This is a wicked idea.

I. 1-12-06 Dig a Hole
Ever wondered where you would end up if you dug a hole straight down through the Earth? Well, now we know...

I. 1-9-06 Cyclops
Would you love this kitty?

I. 1-8-06 2007 Lexus LS 460
Wow, this car is PIMP. Once again, US automakers get pwned.

I. 1-1-06 Happy Wet New Year
Last year's wet new near took place in tsunami/rain-blasted South Asia. I guess this year it's California's turn. At least Norcal got the worst of it. Suckers.
Anyways...another year, another quarter of crappy classes, another potato to make into hash browns...my bank account is also just about empty. Dammit.
Oh, and older posts can be found at: 2004, 2005.